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  1. Actually whenever you're having problems, connect a regular controller to the console you have and play like that. THat's how I beat the majority of the complex songs on DDR. But I beat most of it on the mat of course
  2. DS have sold alot more than the PSP, less glitches and stuffs too (no ejecting UMD Disks yay)... And DS aren't hard to mod like the PSP, infact I have an iPod Video put together for my DS, meaning Music and movies too. The DS is more towards a larger audience, older and younger, where as the PSP is for more of a targeted audience. It also depends on what games you like, for instance, you're not gonna see Grand Theft auto on a DS... Well, I personally like both (disregarding what I said above). But nintendo overall has made better handheld systems...
  3. Yep Yep, the thing I was talking about above ^^ Up there.
  4. Same here. You can't be too early actually... You probably end your school year early as well, in late May... It's just a matter of getting your 10 months of education.
  5. You're never too young to play with things... Okay, maybe there is a limit for somethings... but sometimes younger things require an older mind to understand certain things. Like, You won't see an 8 year old opening their tamagotchi up and coloring a little circle with a pencil (possible, but unlikely?). Or Spongebob. Some of the jokes require an older mind to comprehend some of the jokes as well.
  6. Haha... Maplestory. Good times. I'm actually running a maplestory emulator for my own server... it's quite nice. But no info goes out for it yet. On Scania I played. Mostly. If I had anyone else on other servers they were most likely level 10-20 at the most. Scania: xZhaox Level:37 I think. Job: Ice/thunder mage Daikenji Level 34 I think... Job: Bowman... or whatever the second class was for bows... (Name?) level 29 Job: Assassin, or rogue. THrowing stars... yeah... don't remember either.
  7. I actually recommend you get yourself an R4. I own one myself, and you can put anygame you want on it. Thus meaning you can have all of these games on the one little chip that goes into your DS. I currently have 18 games on my R4, consisting of most of the games listed above. Plus a few bonuses. PM me if you want more info.
  8. I find final fantasy... VII (3) and over preferably. But it's kinda weird, and uncomparable at the same time. It's kinda like comparing Tekken or Mortal Kombat to Grand Theft Auto. Yes they both have fighting elements, but it doesn't make them comparable. But, that aside, kingdom hearts is still fun. I've played both final fantasy and kingdom hearts... I found final fantasy more fun. Personally I think it's because of the disney portion of the game. I don't hate disney, but in kingdom heart's case, it's not really necessary... Sometimes you're in a tense moment against the 13, and you hear donald squeaking and that kinda kills the moment... haha.
  9. I would say none. And for everyone else, Supernova isn't really a favorite for me I like more of the older stuff, from DDR mix 1- 9 (mix 9 is extreme 2, mix 8 is extreme, mix 7 is max #, etc) I actually own a DDR mat that connects to my computer, so I can play any song I want, and making steps for songs is easy too. It's the Red Octane mat, 80$... USD. But I got it for a deal, 70$ Canadian
  10. flint26


    @Dylotchi, don't double post. Hah, I'm guessing an action replay or a gameshark it at play here... If you really think you're up to snuff with your battling skills, then I suggest you go battle the maker of www.marriland.com ... he's got a couple of youtube videos and is quite the pokemaster. Me? I won't say anything yet. And no thanks on the trade
  11. Try not to double post. Anyways, I'm a fan of Trauma center too. A bit tedious it is, but quite a challenge also. This'll be weird on the Wii, there will be a great loss of control for sure, as the wii is alot more sensitive than the DS. It's a great idea nonetheless.
  12. Holy cow! Super Grats Jappyx! Oh, and people, stop spamming please xD
  13. The sad truth, but well said. A message most people around the world seem to be missing...
  14. It's impossible for me to really visualize the future. Based on what I think now, I think my ideas will most likely change. I won't be thinking the same in a couple of years I bet. Well, If I were to, I couldn't visualize myself anymore different than I am now. In about 10-15 years, I'll be looking for a house, "soaring from the nest" as people call it. Oh, and I hope I'll have a nice job.