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  1. Maybe it's dirty? Or maybe it's defective. If it's dirty, try cleaning it.
  2. Just a random animation... nothing to worry about...
  3. I don't think it's possible to connect two at the same time, but I have heard rumors that On your friends list it has a picture of one tama with the other one's name. I've tried it but it doesn't work It would be really cool, though
  4. I think it is a Ufotchi. Is it this? Ufotchi
  5. You have to take off the back, remove the battery, then take a small screwdriver and remove the 4 screws on the sides. Then you'll see all the wires and circuits inside. With a pencil, carefully rub using the led part of the pencil, the 2 circles on one of the circuit boards about 10 times. Be careful not to mess any of the wires up. Put back the 4 screws, put the battery back in, and put the cover back on. WARNING: DEBUGGING IS RISKY! MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!!
  6. Was it BANDI, or BANDAI? Because Bandai is the name of the company that makes tamagotchis. I have never heard of the problem, it could be a very rare animation. Did your tama have the after effects of cleaning up the poop? (jumping up and down, being happy?)
  7. Is it a child? If it is, it probably is a hitodetchi
  8. I don't know how old it can get, but the highest I've heard of a tama that was 67 years old!
  9. I've heard of something like that on another website but I can't remember what is was or how to fix it. Sorry! On the website it said something about connecting with an egg... Yours must have done it by accident.
  10. It's a throne. Perfect if your Tama wants to feel like a King or Queen!
  11. I've heard lots of rumors about it... Glitches, damage, and even a thief! Other people say it is designed to do that but, I don't know...
  12. For Ojitchi (the old guy), you have to take really good care of your tama when it is an adult. When the matchmaker comes, just keep answering no to her. At age maybe 11 or 16? (I forget) it'll turn into Ojitchi. WARNING: If it becomes and Ojitchi, you will have to start your generations over because the matchmaker will come again! You can only continue you generation if someone else has Otokitchi to mate with. If so, then you will get Oyajitchi!
  13. You use download when your tama's battery runs out. Once you have a new battery in, press reset on the back. Press Download if you want to continue your tama's generation. Or press reset to erase everything and start over.
  14. To turn your off you can either: Take the battery out or Put the little tab you got when you openedin, back in.
  15. The character is a Nazotchi! He is a rare character that you can get by debugging. When a V2 character goes on a V1, the character transforms into a Nazotchi because the V1 doesn't have all the characters V2 has.