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  1. sorry it took me so long to post this!! thanx so much u guys!!! u totally rock!
  2. So i have a tama who is a girl and was first a Hitodetchi and then a Ringotchi and now she is a Kiwitchi. Does this mean that i took good care of her or bad? Doesn't what they change into depend on how u care for them and how much disipline they get? just a quick question! thanx for taking the time to read and hopefully answer this.
  3. one smile=aquaintance 2 smiles=buddy 3 smiles=friend 4 smiles=good friend 2 hearts and 2 smiles=best friends 4 hearts=partner
  4. so i have a couple questions about the stuff that everyone talks about on this site. I dont get the whole adoption thing. Is it real? o and what is spamming? o yea and i have a questiona bout my tama. How long does it take for them to grow up? thanx for taking the time to read this, please answer
  5. ok so i got all the codes for those kool five items, but my tama will not put on the costume, use the hair gell, or use the stuffed animal. Maybe this is a stupid question but i;m new at this and i have no idea why it wont work! if it helps my tama is 0yrs old (its not the baby its a child) Help!