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  1. Yeah but you did make a new account........... And I am your friend on that account.
  2. I don't use mine anymore and I wasn't really proud of them I mean they are toys not awards! I don't really like them anymore!!
  3. It is maskutchi..... I think....... Well I am not changing how I call it!
  4. Oh okay I knew you didn't mean to say they were bad you were saying other people are saying they are bad.!
  5. Exacaly!!! And now no one can tease them cause there is no rank now! YAY!!!
  6. You are still a high poster nobody changed that! Anyway I love the Idea ppl are always saying stuff about newbies and I hate it!! So now they can't!!! Since we are all members now we should all feel the same about each other!
  7. Exactly!! I totally agree with you! And Darkcore it is because they don't know how to close the tags when I started I didn't even know how to read the PM's. And I like the smilies there isn't a rule aginist useing them like this.
  8. Maybe it is because people are saying that the higher the rank the better the person you are. So Admin got tired of it and made us all members! I think it is good.
  9. Thats it!! That isn't much.. And it is easy stuff for me!!
  10. Great!!! I just got my dads old laptop when I asked.... It is really slow and pretty useless but it is better then nothing! Yours sounds AWESOME!!! Hope you have a lot of fun with it!!! ~Zoey
  11. Lolz.. Yeah he/she would be busy I guess I mean TamaTalk isn't his/her whole life...
  12. I know all 3 of mine are on pause now and I am losing intrest in them... I don't think I will start them up again so I might have to leave tamatalk !!!!
  13. I use it cause I am lazy... I used capitals cause everyone else did so I thought you choose it or something.
  14. Oh I will I have been wanting to for ages!!