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  1. i used to have this game but i have no idea where the CD is anymore. it was a really fun game and i miss it. ;-;
  2. you CAN break your tama if you don't to it properly. after all, you are opening up the guts of your tamagotchi. just make sure you are gentle and you DO NOT mess with anything else inside of it. if you do it properly, though, you should have no problem. my tama has been debugged for quite a while now, and there is no problem with it at all.
  3. i'm 18, and i happen to think tamatown is awesome. it 's a lot like e-tamago.com (the website for en-tamas). it's not childish, it's just super cute and made to be easy to use so even the youngest tamagotchi users can access it.
  4. I wrote this out for people in the Tamagotchi Livejournal Community, and since all the tips and tricks are gone, I thought I'd post it here. Warning: If you damage your tamagotchi by doing this, it's your own fault. No one's making you debug, and I'm not responsible if you don't do it right. This guide DOES NOT WORK on anything but a Tamagotchi Connection V1 and V2. Connexions, En-Tamas, etc. do not debug. I have no idea whether the V3s do or not, but I would advise against messing with it unless you know what you're doing. That said, on to the good stuff. Step 1. Unscrew the back of your tamagotchi the same way you would to change the batteries. Remove the battery. Don't lose the battery or the screw! ;D Step 2. You will need a very small screwdriver. Unscrew the four little screws that hold the case together. They're really small, so don't lose them. Step 4. Pry the two halves of the case apart. Do it VERY GENTLY so you won't break anything. It may be a little difficult getting it apart by the keyring, but just keep at it. Step 5. You will see a circuitboard. Don't mess with anything on it just yet. Make sure the side that holds the battery is facing you. Step 6. There are two half-circles with the word DEBUG next to them. With a blunt pencil (not a mechanical pencil, that will just break) scratch over those two half-circles so you get some pencil lead between them. Step 7. Put the tamagotchi back together. Remember to put the battery back in. (duh) Step 8. Press the reset button and choose "reset", not "download." Set the date, time, and your birthday like normal, and the baby will hatch. By pressing the A button at the initial baby screen (where it tells you the gender), you can scroll through all the tamagotchis and even some that never became official tamagotchis (testers, i guess). You can reset it and do this as many times as you want. Info: When you press the C button in debug mode, it speeds up time so you can grow your tamagotchi very quickly. The time will go back to normal whenever your tamagotchi needs anything, so you don't need to worry about that. To un-debug, just use a cotton swab or a small eraser to rub off the pencil from the two half-circles. If you have any questions, please ask and I'll do my best to answer you!
  5. it works for all the days in november. it does work, i saw it around thanksgiving, and i spazzed out because it was so cute. MUST be an adult for this to work.
  6. yeah, getting the battery out is a good idea, but also don't leave it wet for a long time. your best bet is to unscrew it and use a hair dryer to evaporate the water, because if it stays wet for too long the metal inside can rust.
  7. this is definitely and unmistakably fake. that site doesn't even know how to spell tamagotchi correctly. there is no such thing as a v3.
  8. aww, cute lil christmas mametchi. do you like mine? it's my own invented tamagotchi. :3
  9. i really want to learn japanese, so it was good practice for recognizing the hiragana. perhaps there should be a thread like this pinned in Tips and Tricks alongside the V2 growth chart?
  10. this is the wrong section to ask this, but PCs are Personal Computers (not apple computers).
  11. nope, it's my own made up one. n_n it is named harutchi! xD
  12. *Original post moved to TamaTalk Reference section *here*
  13. okay, so i got an issue of Ciao magazine (a japanese manga collective), and it came with a poster of the characters for the en-tama (and a set of cute playing cards)! being the huge dork that i am, i translated their names into english letters and i'm here to post them for you! I have also scanned the original poster for you guys! *Chart attached below* the chart of the new tama characters...WARNING: IT'S BIG. they are color coded in three families and gender-wise. the ones with pink backgrounds are girls and the blue backgrounds are boys (surprise surprise.) the three families are as follows: MAME family - blue borders MEME family - orange borders KUCHI family - green borders MAME family names (in order from left to right): ROW 1: mameotchi mamebotchi young mametchi young mimitchi mametchi mimitchi zukyutchi ROW 2: mamekotchi mamepetchi young robotchi ringotchi maidotchi robotchi marotchi MEME family names (in order from left to right): ROW 3: memeotchi memebotchi kurumetchi ichigotchi togetchi memetchi shimashimatchi ROW 4: memeputchi memepetchi hinotamatchi young memetchi furawatchi tosakatchi ponitchi 5th tama in row 5: Makiko KUCHI family (in order from left to right): ROW 5 (excluding makiko): kuchiotchi kuchipotchi young kuchipatchi nikatchi kuchipatchi yattatchi ROW 6: kuchikotchi kuchipetchi oniotchi young dorotchi minotchi pukatchi tarakotchi ROW 7 (excluding oyajitchi): sebinetchi nonbiritchi OTHERS (no family): oyajitchi ojitchi otokitchi hope you tamatalkers enjoy this! it was quite a bit of work, so don't repost all this data anywhere without PMing me first for permission. LOVE harutchi!
  14. i like it. it looks bubbly and cute.