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  1. All you wonderful smiley faces are welcome!
  2. Hello my tamagotchi friends. c", I am here today to tell you a website you can't miss! *website removed* Please PM me if you enjoy this website! I'll give further notice of all the wonderful joining members! EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Please see this topic as to why the website was removed.
  3. Supernatural Secrets of Life after Death Two hundred years ago, a supernatural event shook both the visible and the invisible worlds. By divine intervention the Spirit of God Incarnate appeared on earth. Let me back up a bit. Periodically, the Spirit of God incarnates on the earth. He appears in one, or the other, of two conditions. 1. As His Progressive Spirit of God Incarnation, He appears at approximately 1000 year intervals. He takes the form of human flesh, but He is not human. He is the Spirit of God Incarnate. He has been called Jesus Christ, Buddha, Moses, Zoroaster, Krishna, Abraham, and Mohammed. These are different names for the same progressive incarnation of the Spirit of God. The human flesh is different, but the Spirit of God is the same in each of Them. 2. As His Universal Spirit of God Incarnation, He appears on earth at greater than 1,000,000-year intervals. That's how HUGE this Advent is. Two hundred years ago the Spirit of God appeared in His 1,000,000-year interval incarnation. The earth continues to reel from the aftershocks. The human spirit staggers to absorb the reality of this earth-shaking event. In the 1800's the Universal Spirit of God challenged the reigning monarchs of the world. He told them that He had come from God with Divine instructions. He explained that disobedience was not an option. He emphasized that failure to follow His instructions would result in specific, devastating catastrophes both to the kings and to their kingdoms. The Old Testament prophet Isaiah foretold the Spirit of God's coming in Isaiah 24:21 "And it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth." All the kings and rulers laughed at him ... except two, Queen Victoria of Great Britain and the President of the United States. And these two nations are the only nations still intact today. ALL the others watched their specific and detailed prophecies unfold one horror at a time until their kingdoms were demolished and their personal lives were extinguished. You can verify this in your history books. By the way, the message to the President of the United States told him to free the slaves ... and he did. The Universal Spirit of God bestowed upon His disciples the secrets of the universe ... knowledge about the human soul and of life after death. Today quantum physicists are discovering the realities underlying these secrets. This Universal Spirit of God presented to the earth His global peace plan. It earned His Cause a Seat on the United Nations. We still occupy that Chair. The Universal Spirit of God left a gigantic body of writings on the mysteries of life. Where is the soul? Where is heaven? What happens at the moment of death? How does it feel to die? What are ghosts? Are they dangerous? Do aliens exist? Are aliens dangerous? What can demons do? Because He was 100% accurate in His minute-by-minute detailed historical prophecies, it is logical to conclude that His amazing descriptions of the soul and the afterlife are correct too. In my book I use this information to show why and how self-induced contact in the afterlife works. Because His body of writings is so massive, a large library is required to contain them. On the surface the library looks similar to the Parthenon, but it descends 19 stories into Mount Carmel in the Holy Land to protect the sacred texts. Millions and millions of people have declared their devotion to this Universal Spirit of God. No, not strange people ... doctors and nurses, judges and lawyers, historians and professors, royalty and aborigines, farmers and bankers, physicists and students, Canadians and Hindus, Chinese and Catholics, Peruvians and Icelanders, Moslem and Christian, Buddhist and Jew, and perhaps unknown to you ... YOUR neighbor. And with supernatural power He showed us how to turn grief into joy ... For more information about Him The *EBOOK* is available for immediate download at Booklocker. The paperback book is available at Booklocker by credit card or personal check, on Amazon, and in your local book store through Ingram's Catalog.
  4. Please join my forum,Click here!
  5. Can some one make a avvie for me? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Umm, If you can to animation can you make an avator that has a picture of a cute kitten that looks down and flashes and then says Kitty_Cat in Pink! Please!!!!!!!!!!! Your the best if you could!
  6. WHAT???????????????????????????????????????
  7. Listen, I'll tell you WHAT happened... Your tamagotchi disliked what you gave him/her because....Wait, what you gave it, was it a treat? Because if it wasn't thn I don't know. But anyhow, if it was then I know that it disliked it and that's all you need to know. Oh! And it's happened to mine with the parfait!
  8. OH CUTE!!! I had one two days ago but it's an adult now. Oh it's really cute not weird! {Who gets a marumitchi? Or a chohimetchi?} CUTE SPECIES!
  9. Hey! I am a Sanrio fanatic visit my site today! My Webpage
  10. Check out my avvie!! Hey, all of you have cool avvies!! WHAT DO YOU THINK???? Kitty_Cat
  11. I don't always tell people. But sometimes I do, but the way I say it isn't the way I mean it. I am not a huge fan of tamagotchi's I am just becoming one. So, alternatively, I am not a fan, YET!
  12. I want you to tell me everything you know about your tamagotchi. I was also wondering...Could you include if it's a rare tamagotchi and if you ever seen it before?? And also, can you vote in my poll about How you treat your tamagotchi(s)... Thankyou!
  13. You have heaps of tamagotchi's, Tama_dream!!
  14. OMG! Lot's of people have lots of tamagotchi's!! Tell me how many you all have....