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  1. Bad end! My devilgotchi died on me today. I guess I wasn't listening enough to him while I was out and about today. I'm such a bad tama-mama.
  2. My little Monster had lots of handshakes today, I guess he's sorry about all the pranks yesterday. Though he did give me attitude at breakfast and threw his pie back at me. When I wanted to check his stats to get his DP reading, he pulled another prank, you naughty little thing. He's got 30 DP now and all full and happy. I can't wait to see what he turns into from here. My posts might be slow for the next few days, I'm going away for the weekend to spend time with friends, I'll try to make a post at least once a day.
  3. Checking on my little monster again, he needed happiness, but pranked me again when I was playing games. He's got 10 dp after all this pranking.
  4. Hey everyone. My little monster and I have finally arrived. He hatched into a Zukidebitchi. I fed him until he was full, but when I tried to play games, he was up to no good. Twice in a row he pranked me on the game, then I got to play until he was happy. But when I went to check his stats, he got me again. Tricky little boo. Sorry I don't have pics atm, I'm posting from my sofa because a sniffle decided to kick my butt today. About my devil: I have the white shell, but age has not been kind. The front half has yellowed terribly, looking more like parchment than paper, and it only has one working screw. The other's head snapped off completely and it's now stuck in there, but I can get the back off so I can still play. I don't have an official hard case for mine, so I keep my vintage tamas in upcycled gatchapon bubbles. They fit perfectly and the ball chain slips right through the air holes in the end.
  5. Devilgotchi for me. So good to be bad.
  6. Those mushroom characters look so freaky-funny. I can't wait to get my hand on this one.
  7. A friend let me borrow her phone and I was playing the app. I can't wait for the angel version. I'm glad there's still life in Tamagotchi L.I.F.E.
  8. Does anyone play the LPS virtual pets? I found some for cheap on ebay and I'm always up for something unique or unusual. Anyone have stories, good, bad or ugly? The ones I saw on ebay are the squarish models with the two accessories attached on strings that you use to press recessed buttons.
  9. That's why I posted this again, just in case that other someone was around, or someone else who has a Breeder. Just curious... are you currently selling yours? Like on ebay? Because I recently stumbled on one, newly listed. Hang on a sec, I just checked the link in your signature Midorime, and the world just got a whole lot smaller. I found your breeder as well as your other for sale pet oddities and I'm eyeballing them.
  10. I remember when you and I talked about this before. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to the story of the pet, but yours sounds good. I just wish I knew what more of the stats meant, like if there was some sort of trick to training so your horse doesn't get sick after every training session. I've gotten game over so many times because I run out of points.
  11. I know I whimpered about this before, but I thought I'd try it again in case someone new is watching. I'm playing with my Pocket Breeder pet again, and I'm still as confused as before. I'm slowly starting to get the hang of some of the functions, but I wish I knew what to do when it came to training and racing. My horse seems to get sick after every training session and loses every race. My friend scanned the instructions, but they're in Japanese. Sorry the one page is tilted. If anyone has any ideas, tips, experiences, or can read this to me for storytime, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks in advance, peace, love and Tamagotchi.
  12. I just figured out... that wasn't the attention light, it was the sound on/off light. Silly me.
  13. I like my 8-in-1 mini pets. It has some unique creatures to choose from, crab and butterfly, and it has some really cute features, like dancing and music.