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    well, let's cut to the chase and list my not-so-desirable traits. i'm foul-mouthed, caustic, abrasive, petulant, opinionated, stubborn, obnoxious, mildly-disturbed, socially-inept, insomniac-procrastinator... {at least i'm honest.} however, there is indeed a brighter side to me, I promise. If you have any questions or just feel up to having a chat, feel free to PM me! :)

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  1. tamamama

    Orlando Bloom!!!

    love him, love him, LOVE HIM!
  2. tamamama

    Whats your Tamagotchi doin right now?

    nothing at the moment... just running around the screen as usual..
  3. ok everyone: put your tama by your ear... does anyone else hear that little buzzing/humming noise?? ...just makin sure I'm not crazy...
  4. someone in in my class in high school had one
  5. tamamama

    connection or connexion??

    I've read that the connections have more memory and more random events than the connexions... but i don't know by personal experiance.
  6. tamamama

    Question about potty training...

    hmmm... i can help with the first question - i am nearly positive that it's impossible to potty train during the baby stage.. but i'm not sure how many times you have to potty train it before it's actually trained, sorry!
  7. tamamama

    what all gifts are there?

    some tamagotchis also give out ghosts that scare the other tamagotchis other than that, i don't know what else they give out... that's all i've seen as well
  8. tamamama


    Hi ragnarok! If I'm understanding you correctly, then it all depends on how well you take care of your tama.. for example, if you treat it *perfectly* you get mimitchi. Just try and keep them with you and take care of them as soon as one of the hearts empties or clean up right away if there's a poo on the screen. also, you should try and play some extra games each day (i've heard that if you play extra games it keeps it's body points up or something) I hope this helped and good luck!!
  9. mametchi is my favorite!! but i also LOVE the itchigotchis... when you turn your tama upside down they look like little strawberries
  10. tamamama

    Do they sell tamagotchis at Target?

    The one by me didn't have them stocked, but I had gone about a week ago... and target.com doesn't have them either.. I'm not certain if they are going to stock them though, sorry!!
  11. tamamama

    the lights...............

    yea, really... some people are just tryin ta help.
  12. tamamama


    i wonder if they upgraded that feature....