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  1. memi91

    poor zoey

    Tamagotchi's Name: zoey Tamagotchi's Age: 15 Date of Birth: Date of Passing: 11-8-05 What Generation? 2 Your Comments: Zoey! you will be missed. . I left my zoey (maskchi) in my room when i whent on vaction! when i came back on monday it had died
  2. memi91

    Hlep me?! please!

    i know it must ve been the glare, ill take some more pics later
  3. memi91

    Hlep me?! please!

    really i wanted a rare 1 ...oh well at least i know i took reallly good care of it yay
  4. memi91

    Hlep me?! please!

    hello n-e 1 there
  5. memi91

    Hlep me?! please!

    thanks i was confused , but is that rare or normal
  6. ahhhh my mimi turned into some other thing, i think it may the wish character but i dont know for sure ....can some1 plaease help me! my tama pics
  7. memi91

    Spooky Tamagotchi

    WOAH!thats freaky!....but is it really true?
  8. memi91

    Most commonly mistaken charactors list

    thanks! i was confused someitmes when i was reading some forums!
  9. memi91

    Vote For TamaAngels To Come Back!

    angelotchi.....angelotchi angelotchi!!!!................i whant angelochi....please bandai!!
  10. memi91

    Tamagotchi DS

    yay!!...... i am defintly getting this game when it comes out!