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  1. me and my friend connected our tamas ones a girl one a boy they like each other with full smilies but they are only 0 sooo can they mate or do we have to wait till they are a certain age?
  2. yea it is that what does that mean is it bad?
  3. my tama is 1 and it transformed into a thing that looks like a flying saucer? what tama is that. and plus he was at 14 pounds and now he is at 20?
  4. i dont know how to train my tama any help would be lovely. Tamagotchigrl1
  5. i have a question about something it says in the booklet that if your pet grows old and doesnt find a partner the match maker will find one for you. so do u need another tama or can ur pet find a partner without having to go to the match maker?