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  1. And the type of battery is CR-2032 Dry-Cell battery. I'm not sure about the Love Pet tho .
  2. And, if you're in Canada, dollar stores carry them. The dollar store ones last 2 days. (Literally) You can use a nickel, but that won't hold up for very long.
  3. Even Gen and treat it perfectly!
  4. Guess what? I have a Pooperatchi aagin! Theres no trouble, apart from the fact that it poos every 15 mins. It's currently: sleeping... zzz
  5. Tarakotchis can be gotten by taking good care of the hungry needs but horrible care of the happy needs. I'm aiming for one now!
  6. And to add to that, when ever she ate an item, it got replaced with a ball! Oh no no no... it was the same as my froot loops one. She restarted her game now.
  7. Where do I start? Look at My site for info for V1s!
  8. Err... it's not burping or spitting... it's yawning. Turn the light off when it yawns and it will go to bed! It's yawning because it's tired and it wants to go to sleep. If you turn lighth off, it gains 1 happy heart! The turkey chasing your Tama is a random animation that it does in November. You use the UFO when you are an adult. It might be an adult when it is either 2, 3, 4, or 5.
  9. 2 items and umm... 132 treats. I can't remember exactly.
  10. You don't have to believe me, but PLEASE. NO FLAMING! This is the story: Someone at school had a Yu-fotchi (i love that name) named Molly. Now, I don't know if the name means anything. Well, I wanted to connect Present with her, and hers said "Sorry! List full". I told her to eat a few treats. She did. She only had 2 items and 11 friends. I tried connecting with her and AGAIN it said "Sorry! List full" again. So I checked her treats. She had at least 100 balls, bow ties, and pencils and even a few glitchy things that had some treats mixed in. It actually ate the glitch blocks but the balls, etc. were rice bowls. Weird, I thought. I asked her how she got those. She said she didn't know. She said that she used a code and got all those treats. ~Hino
  11. His was a ConneCTion V2, it was the army camo one.
  12. you get uit from high discipline parents (Pyonchitchi, Mametchi, etc)
  13. Weight is a plus in this game, although you get less points the more your tama weighs
  14. When you catch it in the stink wave, use the toilet icon. Toddlers use a little ducky potty!