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  1. Oyajitchi- How to get him I do know how to get him, as I have had him before, and I am currently trying to get him again. First, a little bit of ' Rumour and Real' Rumour: If you get Gozarutchi and have him play with the cape, he temporarily turns into oya(for only like 5 seconds). If you play with the cape constantly, he will stay oya. RUMOUR. This is not true. Real: Mating the two old folks gets you oya. TRUE. You may ask, "Well, it has four hearts, but they just aren't mating!". This will happen if you connect your tamas from baby to adult. Trust me, it takes FOREVER if you do it this way. Here is the quickest way to mate your tamas: Wait untill they are both 5 or older ( If you are looking for oya, then you wait to mate untill they are oldies. Just keep ignoring the matchmaker if this is what you want) to connect them. They should NOT know each other. When they are 5, keep connecting with them. Soon, they will both be best friends, which is 2 hearts, two faces. Connect about one more time, and they will be partners. I am not going to spoil the rest of the fun, however If you succesfully mated your two oldies, just grow your tamagotchis up like usual. I am glad to help! Have a fun time mating! -Deery
  2. You mean the LOTTE brand tama??? Then yes, I have indeed heard about that.
  3. I think that 8$ for a tama mini is a RIP-OFF dont buy one
  4. No, hanatchi is the one wit the big nose
  5. well, it has big eyes, and a bow on its head
  6. keitai has a little charecter with a bow on its head...
  7. maybe it wet the bed? lol...You have to potty train your tama!
  8. One time I had a v2 when they were in stock, and I like throwing my tamas in the air. I threw my only tam up in the air and then i heard this loud BANG and i looked at my tam and it had this huge black think all over it. I had to throw it away, as i could no longer see the screen.
  9. yeah, its true. I HATE THEM!!!!
  10. well, does it really make tama fall in love?
  11. I got mine off of ebay for 11 bucks white keitai kutsu RED series
  12. friend bit her button in half that I SPENT FIFTEEN BUCKS on getting for her...T_T