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  1. Ilovetamas!!!!

    Rate the person above's Avvie game!

    10/10 sweet!
  2. Ilovetamas!!!!

    New TamaTalk Guide

    Congratulations! I'm shure you'll do a brill job along with all the other Tama Guides! Bets of Luck ILT!!!!
  3. Ilovetamas!!!!


    I think it's a Paparatchi or a Megatchi
  4. Ilovetamas!!!!

    what virtual pets do you have?

    I have lots of tamas (including an angel, a japanese tama that can ride a bike and lots more) Nintendogs on my DS LPS (littlest pet shop (the virtual one)) Dinkie dino ect ect
  5. Ilovetamas!!!!

    ant farm.

    lol! I had a REAL one of those (it was a glass box with sand and REAL ants) in it but they kept getting out and one bit my dad so we set them free!
  6. Ilovetamas!!!!


    I've never had one but sometimes a poo apears in the shops and it appears in the food section of your V3 tama and when you feed it the poo the screen goes all black for a while and the tama restarts after a couple of minutes. That is one of the many glitches. Hope this helps Ilovetamas!!!!
  7. Ilovetamas!!!!

    Hi, I'm New!

    Ok no flame wars here! it is ok that it is here because it is a question!!!! That little thing is so easy to get! and easy to look after.
  8. Ilovetamas!!!!

    Password Help!

    Here is the sulution I think: On Tama Town, you are asked for your username, you MUST enter the username that you chose on your tama, Example: Mimi on the tama and Mimi on Tama Town!
  9. Ilovetamas!!!!

    Tamagotchi... Airlines?!

    Hehe! very cool! I wouldn't mind going on a holiday in that!
  10. Well done! (hasn't Jappypx been a guide for a while or is it just me???)
  11. Ilovetamas!!!!

    What is it?

    Hmm... I have had one of these before, it's not unusual. Don't worry I have had him alot of times! No worries! Hope this helps Ilovetamas!!!!
  12. Ilovetamas!!!!

    do you make stuff for your tama?

    No I don't have any clay. And this is in the wrong section!
  13. Ilovetamas!!!!

    help with V3

    Yes do what Tama-Love said it will probably work if it's a girl. Hope this helps Ilovetamas!!!!
  14. Ilovetamas!!!!

    Should I get an Angelgotchi?

    Here is an Angel
  15. Ilovetamas!!!!

    can someone help!