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  1. they will have babies when thet r 5 yrs old.....how old is ur tamas????
  2. its not a secrett item i have had them before......
  3. Tamagotchi's Name: Star Tamagotchi's Age: 6 Date of Birth: 9/18 Date of Passing: 9/25 What Generation? 1st Your Comments: i have ur daughter. her name is tommi i will take very good care of her.
  4. my tama had a baby and the adult left last nite.....i watched it leave after it left i woke the baby up so i could go ahead and name it.....i tried to put it back to sleep.....so i changed the time right....its was 12:05 in the moring.....well it didnt go back to sleep....so i took care of it and waited untill it turned into a child.....after it changed into a child it went back to sleep.....im wondering when will it change into a teenager...i know i cant turn into one when its a sleep so when will it revolve.
  5. yeah it was a treat....thnx.....i never heard of anything not liking a hamburger...lol
  6. well i have the tamagotchi connection v2.....and i fed my tama a hamburger then.....my tama made a really weird face...its eyes were really big and is mouth was shaped like a o....then after that happened all of the happiness hearts went away...someone tell me wat happened.
  7. i have that one right now.....and they r really cute. mine is a girl.....she is 3 yrs old....and its my 1st generation.....i just got my v2....still gettin used to it....lol
  8. thanks ppl.....it did help sorry if i sound dumb...lol
  9. Tamagotchi's Name: didnt have one Tamagotchi's Age: 0 Date of Birth: 9/18/05 Date of Passing: 9/18/05 What Generation? 1 Your Comments: im sorry but i wanted a girl cuz my sister has a boy i want them to have babies and get married. but your sister is doing fine her name is Star.
  10. i just got my v2 today and im wondering how u give the present u want to give to the other person u connect with.... i kno u can wrap the present but how do u give it to the other person ???
  11. i put in the love potion secret code and a costume came up on my screen and at the bottom it said rare.....but my sister put the love potion code in and the love potion came up on her screen.....some1 plz tell me wat happened!!!