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    I draw stuff and people call it 'art', more or less.

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    I've owned 44+ Tamagotchis over the years, but sadly only have 4 today.

    Orange Sparkle Translucent Connection V1
    Pink with Flowers Connection V2*
    Black and Hot Pink Connection V3
    Green Snakeskin Connection V3

    *This one has a custom skin to look like the outer shell is the TARDIS.
  1. Visiting tamatalk once again, hello old friends.


  3. Dun like those bands :c I like Korn and Disturbed and shizz C:
  4. I lurve MSI C: <3 I only knew about them because I'm a hardcore Jhonen Vasquez fan x.x When I heard that Jhonen directed their music video "Shut Me Up" I freaked.
  5. An omelete. I think. And then chips :3 Man I'm unhealthy.
  6. My name is Lindsay, and I was known as Diamond. Four years ago. I joined in September 19, 2005. I wanted to know, is there any other tamatalkers out there that have recently come back to Tamatalk? I left a while ago. I plan on Re-vamping my account. It smells of twelve year old xD I'm probably going to make a new account, but I feel bad leaving this one. So I might just have to keep it. ------------- Guys please refresh my memory :3 I don't know if this should belong here or not ;3 ---- So anyways, I have a sheezyart. Does anyone else there have one? I love art. 8D I also wanted to know, is there any good sites I can use to learn prroper shading? I also wanted to know if there's any good programs. I reccommend Sai. Sai is excellent :3 -Deyogee The Wolf
  7. Diamond

    TT - UNITE!

    Whoaw, did I miss something ^^; ?? (btw, It will be easier to post the comic at www.sheezyart.com my account is named LoveForAnotherCat )
  8. Diamond

    TT - UNITE!

    Pretty good ^^ Sorry I've been taking so long.
  9. Diamond

    TT - UNITE!

    O_O hi, StarTama! It's been awhile since you've been on here.
  10. Somewhere out there-- the only song that made me cry. why? because someone on youtube had posted the song because their cat died of FLV or feline leukemia virus. I love cats, alot. this is the video that made me ball my eyes out :'( It's so depressing-- i cry ever time I see it.
  11. ZOMG! I am listening to it right now! *adds you as a friend* IT RULLLLLLLLEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!
  12. I just wanted to know if anyone else listened to this great song! It has a great beat, and video...
  13. harder better faster stronger- by daft punk. IT RULES! (ps, if you don't know it, kitten cannon the game uses it as a theme song)
  14. Diamond

    TT - UNITE!

    here is a better link for my main journal : http://www.quizilla.com/users/LoveForAnotherCat/journal/