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  1. WELCOME TO TAMAGOTCHI347'S ALL-IN-ONE GRAPHICS SHOPPE! Hey everybody! I'm back from my multiple-year-long break from TamaTalk! And to kick off my return... I'm opening up a graphic shop :3 RULES: [*] Unless I post it as a freebie, the graphic is ONLY for the person who requests it. [*] Do not edit my graphics in ANY way, shape or form without my permission. [*] Oranges are smexy. So the confirmation code in the form is Oranges. [*] I will NOT use non-stock images. A good place to find stock (free for personal use) is http://www.sobi.org . I think there's a stock section on DeviantArt too but I'm not sure. The only exception to this rule is if YOU made the image/ took the photo.[/ist] WHAT YOU CAN GET: Avatars [animated / still frame] **SLIGHT** HTML Coding Banners [for your own forum / website] Signatures / Images Hand-drawn / Computer Vector art [dun worry I have a tablet :3] PhotoManipulation [changing eye color, background, etc] Pretty much anything else... [just ask] EXAMPLES: http://s121.photobucket.com/albums/o219/Element_Darkness/ [recent and old] http://zen-sensei.deviantart.com/ [recent... only one pic though] http://tt300.deviantart.com/ [old] FILL THIS OUT: [b]Your Name[/b]: [b]Graphic type[/b]: [b]Description of what you want[/b]: [b]Image(s) to be used[/b]: [b]Rules Confirmation[/b]: [b]Other[/b]: Enjoy your graphics!
  2. On mine, first it was a balloon. Then it was a jack-in-the-box. (They just appeared on the screen and made them happy) The third time I got a kareoke machine
  3. You look at the map you found. It leads you to a small, hidden cave near the beach. You enter and see a shady looking woman sitting near the back. All around her are large eggs. Some are pink, some purple, silver, or gold, others gray, black, blue, red and green, a whole assortment of colors. "Get them quick, before they're gone," she says to you. "Pick and chose, whichever you want. Except this one," she informs you, lightly patting an egg that is cracked and split gold and silver down the center. [theCOLORS] [FEMALES] Pink Purple Silver Mint White Gold [sUPERrare] [MALES] Green Blue Black Gray Stone Silver White Red Gold [RARE] Zombie [sUPERrare] -- Can only be achived by the SECRET SOLUTION! [theFORMS] [b]Your Name:[/b] [b]Color:[/b] [b]Other:[/b] [otherINFORMATION] [+] Here's how the genders work. IF your dragon is a multi-gender dragon (ie White), I will roll a die prior to giving it to you. Odd number would be a female, even a male. EXCEPT for Gold dragons -- The number 3 is female, everything else is male. [+] Your dragon may not hatch alive. It may get a disease -- we call it Soft -- that makes it incredibly vurnerable, even more vurnerable that a normal hatchling, and it will probably be born dead. If it's not, proper medical treatment will probably cure it [+] Be patient with your order, I have to make find the eggs, you know. ~tg347
  4. http://dragcave.ath.cx/viewdragon/AmMM You see that egg, can you animate him so he's moving up and down? Thanks
  5. I'm sorry I don't want to double post but please adopt one? Somebody? The Kichu species will die out!
  6. KAETLYN (I don't know if I spelled that right, and there might be asterix...)
  7. 5\1o ~ I've seen your posts A LOT, but I don't know who you ARE.
  8. Name: Eclipse Fur: Black and White Eye: Purple Obj. in hand: Can I have a little purplr rock? If not a gold key. Theme: Angel
  9. A Kichu is an endangered species. They are fluffy, feathered creatures that look like rabbits and are about the size of a beagle. You can see a few here. So, to adopt a Kichu ~ Your Name~ Kichu's Name~ Gender~ Colors~ (Two, for fur) Colors~ (Two, for wings. If you only pick ONE light color, it will blend into white or blue; one dark color, gray or black. You can pick one light and one dark, two light, or two dark.) Egg design~ (The colors will be the same as the fur and wings) Other~ It is reccomended you adopt a Kichu from an EGG, so it will think of you like its parent. If you adopt it as a baby, it will grow to love you, and as an adult, it will take some time warming up to you. You can play with your Kichu in the Kichu RPG, which will be up momentarily. Your Kichu, when an adult, can get a job. As a child (baby), it will go to school. After FOUR (4) HOURS, your Kichu will evolve into an adult. As an egg, you will have to keep it warm and good. If you get a PM about your Kichu, like, for instance, giving it a toy, you get a free toy. Care Tips: Playing with your Kichu or giving it candy will make it happy, and food will make it less hungry. Relaxing will releive its stress, and hard work or frustration will raise it. Make sure to feed and play with it appropriatley for its age!!! Right now there are two adult Kichu in the wild. Every time a litter of eggs is lain, two of five will stay in the wild. Current amount in donations: 0.00 Technology at the K.W.F. : Theif-proof fence
  10. 9.5\ 1o. To get the other o.5 you need to do Spider Pig right XP Spider Pig, Spider Pig Does whatever a Spider Pig does ((Watch out... it's the Spider Pig!))
  11. 7.5/ 1o I wanted the Eviler Than You thing but it won't let me have it.
  12. tamaloco you have to rate MINE. And you don't have a signature for anyone to rate.
  13. 6.5/ 1o Hi pyonchit ^-^ I'm getting the trial for CS3... which do I download?