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  1. It IS posseble on other tamas'. I found a site that tells you how to get quads.! so it's posseble, just 00ber rare.
  2. (can SCAR and all them join?)
  3. yeah... I told the Admin he/she will get it soon so next time he/she's online I can hopefuly get it!
  4. THANK YOU! I didn't do it with paypal I sent it to TX from CO! (Colorado) and so it's gonna take a few days.
  5. I got a money order! and thanx!
  6. I donated 10$ to help TT! I hope to donate more soon! I feel proud!
  7. this is my 1st log and I'm new to this but I'm gonna try... today is ok but I'm trying to be a boys friend on TT. he dosen't like me mutch and somtimes me get in fights but he IS my friend and so I'll just keep being nice and try to make a new friend. AND I have an origanal tama from the 80s/90s! my sis found it in her room and gave it to me! I'm so happy! I hope tomorro is better. Hannahchi
  8. I need advice I don't know him and he PMed me and in quote said "I luv u" and it freaked me out! I need help pleez help me! wat should I do?! I deleted ALL of his PMs and I didn't ban him from PMing me by axident! can u help?
  9. I can't deside! XD I have so many good 1s but I this 1! XP
  10. I dunno if I should change it or not so pleez vote and tell me wat U think.
  11. if u take REALLY good care of it, it will be a Hanatchi