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  1. This website holds so many memories for me (literally -- I think I can still go back to my very first posts from 2005 😳), and it makes me so happy when every now and then I can log back in to see that this place that brought me so much joy and solace growing up still thrives. 💙

  2. Hey! I'm from Nova Scotia, just outside of Halifax. How do you like it there? Everywhere you go will have its pros and cons, but all in all, I love Canada and being Canadian. Would you move to a different place if you could and why? I like to travel, but I don't think I'll ever move outside of Canada. Is housing expensive? It depends on what kind of housing you're looking for. If you're looking to rent (whether it be an apartment/condo/duplex.etc.), you'll likely be able to find some reasonable options. Buying a house is more difficult/expensive, especially if you want to live closer to cities. However, this all depends on where you're looking to go and when you're looking to go there, so it's hard to say. It's also worth mentioning that there isn't much cost difference between staying in residence at a university and renting an apartment for the same amount of time. I would recommend residence though, because your food is included and you don't have to worry about transportation to/from campus. Is it (unreasonably) difficult to get into universities? While it depends on the university and the program, I'd say no. Maintain decent grades (shoot for about an 85% average, although some universities/programs will ask for lower/higher averages), take part in an extracurricular or two and you should have no problems. How are foreigners treated? In Nova Scotia at least, foreigners are treated very well. When I was in highschool the exchange students always felt like they belonged and had friends at my school - a lot of them would even come back the next year to continue their exchange. I work at a grocery store and meet people from places from Alabama to Germany who never hesitate to talk about the people they meet here and how nice and helpful they are. Canada is generally very accepting. Is it difficult to find a job? (Especially as a student?) In all honesty, finding a job is the easy part. Stores love to hire part-time students, so if you show them you're willing to work and are enthusiastic about it, they will want to hire you. Getting good hours is another. If you want lots of hours - and as a student you probably do - look for smaller businesses/stores, where things are more personal and people are more willing to give you shifts when you ask for them. Check Jobbank as often as possible (select the Student/Youth jobs part), you never know when a job will come up. Hope some of this helped! If you have any other questions about university/jobs/all that crap I've also had to go through this past year, I'm happy to help. (:
  3. Whoah, it's been a long time since I've been here!

    1. What?


      Well welcome back!



      Welcome welcome


  4. Considering Ginny basically quoted my thoughts on getting rid of the chat (lol hi Ginny), and as much as I think an approval system would (in theory) get rid of the problems of rude members, I think that if an approval system were to be put in place, it would not change the fact that people who were denied chatting rights would still be able to register new accounts to have a 'clean slate' and be able to enter the chat again once that new account was approved. Not to mention that like you said, Admin, having to manage approvals and stuff would be a huge pain.
  5. I lovelovelove The Brobecks. <3 If You Like It Or Not is probably my favourite song by them, and I agree that they deserve to get so much more recognition than they have gotten/are getting.
  6. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the TT update. I think it's cool, but it's definitely different, and something to get used to. I kind of find it really... busy, if you will. I'm also kind of sad my old PMs I had saved in my previous inbox aren't around anymore. As for the Chat... I'm not sure I like it. Without the colours, it's harder to distinguish users, and it kind of lacks the unique-ness that the old system(s) had. This part is probably just me, but I find this chat a lot slower on my computer. Like most updates it has its ups and downs, but good job, Admin.
  7. I really liked it. It flowed pretty well, and, more or less, it's a topic I can relate to. You did a good job. :]
  8. ^ xDD I lovelovelove Marianas Trench. <3 I would have seen them in Halifax had I found out before they sold out. But oh well. ._.
  9. Nicola (Nix.) figured out mine, but two minutes after she told me it, I changed it. So nobody anymore.
  10. I'm excitedddd. And yeah, it won't be the same without the others, but maybe a little change will be good. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  11. Dear old/ex-friends, I guess there's a reason we aren't friends anymore. But I'd like to thank you all for the memories, and apologize for any rough times we may have had. I'll remember you all. --Kelsey. Dear real life friends, Well, we really don't have that much in common, but do we ever know how to have a good time. Whether or not you know it, I love you guys, and not much can change that. Here's to remaining friends, and finding a way to get all these projects and assignments done without exploding. --Kelsey. Dear internet friends, You know who you are. I really could not live without you all. I'm so lucky to have met you, and I hope we're friends for a long time to come. I love you all. -Kelsey.
  12. ... Ohmygod. That chant. x-x I saw the torch go through my town back in November. It was pretty sweet, and the Coca-Cola van playing Open Happiness was definitely a plus. :] I'm not really a big professional sports fan, so I don't know how much of it I'll watch. But who knows.
  13. I love them. I heard on Facebook that the Rockband company was beginning to make a Green Day edition of Rockband. It sounds like it's going to be awesome. I want it. xD