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  1. After a long time i am finally back.I finally got a new version3 and a new version 4.I can not write long but i am finally starting a new log. see ya later
  2. Since I have last wrote in my log I have gotten a new version 3.I have three of them so far all children and one baby on pause because I couldn't start her yet.My version still needs to get a new set of batteries.They are currently all sleeping so I can't relly write much.THere names are Ace,Lucy and Avana.When they wake up I will write more.
  3. I feel like one of the only people to get a girl on my version 3.Her name is Jen.Something is weird because two of my tama's are teens.(3 years old) and still are called one years old so I think they will still grow up but it is glitch.If this has happened to you and you were able to fix it send me a message please.
  4. ok.I feel guilty I haven't been writing so before make myself even guilter I will tell that the matchmaker did come and now he left his baby for me.The matchmaker may come for Taby soon.If I can I will tell.Plus I think Leon had a baby girl.I may get another version three with zebra stripes if I order it.Comments are now open on my log.
  5. they all finally woke up.taby is an adult now leon still needs the matchmaker.did I forget something oh yeah say hi to Ace and Ember's kids Ari and Marsh.I wrote in the memorial saying goodbye to Ember and Ace
  6. Tamagotchi's Name: Ember,Ace Tamagotchi's Age: 8,8 Date of Birth: april4,april4 Date of Passing: april12,april12 What Generation? 1 Your Comments: They have left Marsh and Ari to go back to their home planet
  7. Big mistake Leon gets the matchmaker today and the parents left the babies.If they are boys I will call them Marsh and Ari and if girls I will call them Ellie and Jen.
  8. If you want to speed up the proccess their is another way.Give them a love potion and they will get 4 hearts.You can get it for free by a code or buy it for 5000 gp.I will post the code in a moment.
  9. party.Ember and Lance are six and now have babies.Still waiting for matchmaker for Leon.He will get her tomorrow
  10. wow.time passed fast.As you may have noticed they are not 2g anymore.my two tamas died when they were left in my bag.I accidently forgot to pause them.one was dead and then I heard a beep and my other one died.
  11. i agree.I think you should try playing heading or maybe the memory game.
  12. my version 1 lasted for a year my version 2 6 months and I don't know about my version three yet.
  13. sorry i haven't written for a while but guess what.I now have four tama's.version 1 two version 2 and one version 3
  14. I may stat typing in my personal journal but I am not sure.It is really detailed anyway they are children now.