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  1. With which amounts of donations do I get passwords from the King? I've already donated 9517 and I have still only gotten one password! I thought I was supposed to get one password after 3000 (I know about only getting passwords after 3 donations at a time, and by the time I donated 3000 I had already donated more than 3 times before,) but I only got a password after I donated 5000, is this normal? when will I get a new password from the king?
  2. Hi Bought this thing called Soda for 1000 points on the V2 shop, it didn't go to the treat list it went to the items list. Can anybody tell me what it does when you use it? I haven't used it because I'm afraid of wasting it!
  3. Hey My cousin's tamagotchi has a glitch and it only has babies with tamagotchi's of the same gender! Now she has been telling everyone her tamagotchi is gay, lol. Did this ever happen to anyone else?
  4. I don't understand japanese so could someone explain why is it that sometimes when you try to access certain features in uratown the tama planet will appear with something over it's mouth (the entrance to uratown)?
  5. tamagotchigardian, Are the teachers and the jobs the same as the Entama? Is it easy to understand even if it is in japanese?
  6. Hi I just got my V3 today, I was wondering when you get souvenirs from tama town on your tama, can your tamagotchi play with them? Or are they only for looking at?
  7. Hi Thanks for all the help! Yea, I think it might be defective, because she asked me to take care of it this week as she is going to be in camp, so i have been taking care of it without pausing it since yesterday and today it woke up and it is still 0 years! she can't trade it at the shop because she bought it more than 1 year ago and she doesn't have the box or the receipt anymore, but she just ordered a V3 so it's ok! maybe I can convince her into giving me the defective V2 once she gets her V3!
  8. It's the character that looks like an apple, is that a toddler or a teenager?
  9. It's normal! Don't know if yours is a connection or a connexion but conneXions only have Tamagotchi written!
  10. My cousin says she goes to summer camp during the day and she leaves it at home and pauses it all day and only plays with it again when she gets home. Could it be that the problem is the pausing? Still, if the problem was the pausing it wouldn't have evolved to a teenager, right?
  11. Hi My cousin had hatched an egg on sunday when I last saw her. Today I came over to have dinner at her house and her tamagotchi is 0 years of age but already a teenager. Why did he evolve but his age didnt? We're confused :s
  12. Hi I can never get full training on my tamagotchis. I praise them when they're facing me backwards and when they're crying, I time out them when they are demanding attention for no reason, and when they give mean presents after connecting to other tamas. But still, I never get full training, I always only get half the training. What should I do, apart from what i already do, for him to have full training?
  13. Mine is pearly blue too! Can't wait till I receive it!
  14. I ordered my V3 but it hasn't arrived yet, what does the golden tamagotchi do? Can the tamagotchi play with it once it gets it? Thanks
  15. Thanks whisperofaghost!! You're the best! I already bought my angelgotchi just now on ebay