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  1. My favourite has always been and always will be, Aisha. <3 It was my first Neopet!
  2. This summer I visited Europe (France, Switzerland, Austria & Italy) for 2 weeks and then I went to British Columbia for 3 weeks to visit my family.
  3. I had waffles and apple juice for breakfast. It was probably one of the most painful meals ever because I got spacers put in yesterday in preparation for getting braces later this month and it really hurst to chew anything.
  4. I now have 11 Webkinz: Snowflake - Unicorn Princess - White Terrier Matilda - Rabbit Clarice - Deer Autumn - Fox Henry - Hippo (Lil' Kinz) Misty - Gray and White Cat (Lil' Kinz) Goldie - Fantail Goldfish Greg - Collie Max - Chihuahua Rex - Yellow Lab
  5. Victoria


    I hate Fishland. My friend told me about it, so I joined, but it really does suck. They spammed my mom's e-mail with things like "You have abandoned your fishie!".
  6. I've never traded any of my Neopets before. I like to keep them.
  7. Well, I have a DS Lite right now, but I wouldn't mind a DSi because I don't have any GBA Games anyways.
  8. I've taken a Career Test on Career Crusing a few times.
  9. Hmmm... I haven't eaten anything today yet, so the last thing I would've ate is my dessert last night, Vanilla Ice Cream.
  10. Strengths - Math, French, Art, Music, Computers Weaknesses - English, Gym, Geography/History, Science
  11. I voted for the last option. I'd want a guy who is funny, but is still kind of quiet (like me).