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    People I remember from the past:<br>Spongebobiac<br>BB<br>CartoonKing<br>badgerman<br>Lycrial_musicbox<br>elfquest3<br>queenicefire<br><br>Awesome Things:<br><br>-BYOND-<br>Create your own games and play other people's games using a coding language unique to BYOND. If coding isn't your style, you can still play with other people's games.<br><br>-Sonic Robo Blast 2-<br>Best 3d Sonic fangame ever. Yeah, fangame. That means it DOSENT COST A PENNY. Completely free. Grabs all that awesomeness of the classics!<br><br>-Super Mario Bros. X-<br>Best Mario fangame ever. Download and play people's episodes with the perfect Mario engine, or make your own using the built in and very easy level editor.

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  1. Is there any news about them coming out in the UK? I want one now. Especially Mametchi.
  2. You do realise pencil marks conduct electricity, right? So you could just draw on those dots with a pencil to connect them.
  3. Seeing as Mobile Phones arent allowed in school, it's really hard to bring in my Tamgotchi. MY Tips: 1. Tend to it at Break and Lunch. 2. SOUND OFF. 3. Hide it somewhere all times. 4. While rummaging through your bag, check it, then bring your Planner/Pencilcase/Book/Whatever out.
  4. Copying School Well, i took Emma to school with me today, and tended to her during Break and Lunch. Also, during lunch...I won on Mimic. It came straight out of the blue! I decided to play, got to the last round, beat it, got really happy. (And kind.) Well, when i was on the bus from School, i saw that i had mail. The prankster sent me a SNAKE in the mail! Reset those Happy Hearts, but a well-timed win of Skipping fixed that right up. Went on TamaTown earlier. Got meself a Stereo! Listen to that beat! ...Just caught her making a mess and pressed the toilet icon quickly! > Now her Happiness went up one. Woot! Stats 15 - Intelligence 38 - Style 19 - Kindness 21lb - Weight 1/9 - Training (Hehe. She cried at Break. D:) 975 Gotchi Points Emma's Corner Hiya! Yeah, me no likey that button. I feel like i want to evolve soon. Maybe i should evolve into a Memetchi when i grow up! I heard Dad talking about wanting me to be a Mametchi, though, so i don't know what to do... Music Star Fund Bank £0.00 + £4.00 = £4.00 I'm at £4.00 now, not including the money that i'll ask Mum for. > (Sometimes, although not all the time, just sometimes, i get lucky on the Gambling machine.)
  5. Well, i signed up to TamaTown Music City, and now the Activation Code won't work, yet TamaTown is. Is this some kind of joke? EDIT: Murphy's Law hates me. As soon as i posted this it started working. DOUBLE EDIT: It hates me more. After i posted that edit, i can now enter the code...but its not letting me press Next, THIRD EDIT: o.O It just started working. Again. I'm not going to talk after a fourth edit. :S
  6. Mimic me to Evolution! Yeah. M'back. So, i mean, just as i was about to leave for the daytrip, Emma evolved into a Mizutamatchi! I played the new game Mimic. I FAIL. Looks like i'm going to be skipping my way into Teenagerhood. (Joy...) Well, other than that, i went to TamaTown and played a few games and got a lot of suvenirs! Got some Gotchi Points. :3 But when we came back Emma had another nap. It was before she evolved. Stats Training - 0 Intelligence - 15 Style - 26 Kindness - 9 Weight - 22 lb (The Day Trip didn't have many places where i could play Gotchi Games.) 0 Years 2200 GP Emma's Corner Hello! What's this then? I've seen Dad type into it for a while...oooh...that's shiny, what does that bu EDIT: Emma was on about the Post Reply button. Why didn't i knotice? EDIT TWO: Forgot to post the Stats. They're added.
  7. This happened with the Familitchi, too. It's entered Month/Day on that.
  8. D: I almost cried when i got wiped from existance in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time. D: <-- Spoiler, highlight to view. (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2) I also almost cried when all those poor little Lumas jumped inside the black hole in Super Mario Galaxy. <-- Spoiler, highlight to view. (Super Mario Galaxy) Note: They may spoil the game endings for you. D:
  9. JoeBro387


    OMG! I love BYOND! I'm making my own game called KIRBYOND on there. You should check it out! It's a Kirby game. (Kirby gets too little attention.) What's your BYOND Key?
  10. Mole Crickets are underground and make a croaking noise. Unlike other bugs, they do not run away if you run near them. Use your Shovel where the croaking sound is loudest, and the Mole Cricket should pop out of the ground, ready for your Net to move in!
  11. A Colourful Return (Yeah, i decided to do these title things. Hoo. Well, it seems the batteries are sold in groups of two, good news for me, bad news for who was paying. (Me - Yeah, i broke into my bank - by adding new batteries - to get the money out.) So...I got an extra battery! EDIT: I decided it wasn't a good idea to put it in my Familitchi for the moment... Putting the batteries in - Sucess! I Re-Downloaded the data of Emma back, so she's safe and sound. (Phew.) Well, i have to go on a little day trip now, and Emma's still a baby, so it's no good giving her a corner.. Stats Emma: 14 - Intelligence 12 - Style 0 - Kindness 0 - Training (Uh-oh. Looks like this got reset.) 9 Lb Eat'cha later!
  12. Emergency News! The batteries i was using - out of another not-used toy which was working great - JUST RAN OUT! (I mean, i noticed the noise go lower at first, then BATTERY X, BATTERY X, BATTERY X. Talk about scaring me out of the blue!) So...TO THE BATTERY ZONE! (Hang in there, Emma.) Emergency Edit Talk about leaving things to last minute, the batteries on my electronic bank ran out...meaning i cannot withdraw money. Now how can i afford CR2032 batteries? I'll have to nag Mum for some money...and where they're sold.