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  1. The other night I was thinking about 911 and was thinking to myself, "everyone probably calls 911 at least once in their life" and that early moring my mom had to call 911 when my brother had some really weird stomach problem. Freaky. O: I didn't even wake up though there were like.. three people in our house. o..O
  2. Yeah but most people don't exactly have child molestation written on their forehead. Anyway, I never thought of him as having an age. It was so weird to me.
  3. Yay she found them... I think?! Is there a specific way you have to set them up to use them? I've never used seperate lenses so I'm not quite sure what to do with them after they're on.
  4. I'm thinking about Iran and such. And also what Mark Levin is taking about.
  5. :huh: I love cats~! We had kittens across the street at my neighbor's house but some lady who got the momma cat spayed just took them away!! I was really sad because I never got to see them one last time. The parents weren't sure if they wanted to keep the cats or not so the lady just took them.
  6. Those are very nice. I be loving your camera, aswell! My mom has two lesnse - a macro and a wide view (or something like that, I dunno) - and she never uses them because she doesn't know where the piece to keep them screwed on is. D: I was like you have a macro??? I wish I had known that a loong time ago!
  7. Fun Now Sparkly Poops Later~ Yes, my clock's name is Georgio. :3
  8. I was on facebook but now I'm just browsing TT and watching America's Got Talent.
  9. CATS? Is that the computer business course?? I took that in 6th grade! It was great. :DD
  10. They have to have good pinky toes. I hate pinky toes that don't have friggin nails. Other than that, for me to even consider dating them they have to be have the same views spiritually and politcally. I don't really have a type since I'm not interested.
  11. Best: Probably right now. (: Worst: 9th grade year sucked. I can't really remember why it sucked but it did.
  12. This coming year I'm taking: ○ Regular World History ○ Enriched English ○ PreAP PreCal ○ PreAP Physics My electives are: ○ Chinese 3 ○ Web Design 2 ○ Orchestra
  13. Same here. That used to happen to me all the time, too.
  14. What tragedy. D: I have GIMP, too, but I don't use it much. Actually, I don't think it's on this computer. It's on my old one. I didn't use it too much because I was used to photoshop elements.