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  1. ^ I agree O.o > Likes Ura Togetchi! V Has karma raised? (I have, but then it went down o.o)
  2. I think you just caught it when the tama died (if it did) Or you were looking at it from such an angle, the pixels became inverted.
  3. I think its a website... And if it is, I'm not registered there...
  4. ^ Nope > Is waiting for V4.5 Tamatchi to wake up (Dam* you) V Joined in '05?
  5. I have! They are exellent! I have almost finished HurricaneGold. (I believe Double or Die and HurricaneGold are not out in the States yet) I can't wait for the next book!
  6. I'm going to start a Tamagotchi V4.5 Sleeping Chart. (for those of you who don't know, it is a chart which says the times that Tamagochi characters sleep) Anyone can help, and I have already gathered some info; Babies Tsubutchi (boy) 5min Tsubutchi (girl) 5min Toddlers Tamatchi 8pm - 9am
  7. No problem. With the lamp, you can use it three times to get good items/gotchi points(well at least I did anyway )!
  8. Yes, but only one you get something you can use after you use the item. BTW You can't use the plant more than once. I think the lamp is the other one.
  9. *I did not know where to post this* 'm going to try and start a V4.5 Sleeping time chart. Anyone cane help, and if you find anything out, please post it. When I have got all the info I will make a chart.
  10. I know for a contest! Create your own Tamagotchi, complete with growth Chart, Shell, Name ect. And reward? Erm...Free Lanyards for top original 6. 1. Mametchi 2. Memetchi 3. Kuchipatchi 4. Ura Mame 5. Ura Meme 6. Ura Kuchi
  11. ^ Wrong > Version 4.5 Character is about to evolve!!!! V Has at least 1 Tama?