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  1. hi u have uwasatchi code

  2. If you look at the v4 growth chart we have here, you might have to see which toddler you have to get so you can get ichigotchi!!! I have gotten them tons of times!! You just have to feed them regularly and dont neglect them alot. (A bit would me good though) I hope I helped!! P.S The tama v4 growth chart is on the left side margin in the "useful links".
  3. Since the celebrity v5 just came out, it will take a while for everybody to figure out the codes, cheats, tricks, charts, characters,....well.. everything! If you wait a little bit, you might hear some cheats about it. I hope they all come sooner or later!!!
  4. I guess it's not a blended family because the adults that got married were actually in the same family. But, the "smart family" part, i really didnt understand either. I wouldnt have guessed that violetchi and the other guy would make a "smart family". What were the names of the adult parents?
  5. thanks. i took me a bit to find out this info. but everybody in tamatalk actually contributed...
  6. Just wondering, but can you do this even on a v5 celebrity?
  7. If you picked other.... than what is it? i would love to hear your thoughts! And if you like all versions thats cool too!
  8. Don't worry, it'll come to you sooner than you know it. time flys by pretty quickly...
  9. After spending 24 hours with the baby, the parent should leave. i suggest that if the parent doesnt leave by then, set the time to 11:59 pm, wait a minute and the parent will say good bye to the baby and leave, and what version of tama are you exactly talking about?
  10. I have a tama v4 thats 5 yrs old... how old does it have to be when it gets met by the match maker???
  11. how old does your v5 tama adults have to be when they can go on the dating show??/ THANKS!!
  12. celeb tamas are the new version of familitchi v5. it's actually not a v5.5, but people nowadays are calling them that. why its celebrity, is because it can become a paparazzi, a social family, or a (THE BEST ONE!!!) royal family. (Queen, King, Princess, Prince!) I hope I helped Tama paridise
  13. I totally agree. I mean, I have a bunch of tamas that are from a long time ago, but I wish they would sell them again! Like with different designs!!!
  14. I have been up to like G13 but with debugging, without it.. i guess I could say like about 5,6 or 7.