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  1. I've been enjoying Nintendogs + cats since Late December and recently purchased the older Nintendog's game for my DS Lite (lab and friends edition). Anyone else playing?
  2. TigerLily013

    Tamagotchi 15th vintage P1/P2 hatch

    I will be posting again in the near future, but this is cool. I'm seriously thinking about joining this hatch coming up if able to And yes I know the whole "maybe" reply is kind of bad for here lol. I am seriously looking into doing it though since I've been on hiatus running anything in a while. Even my boyfriend's been on me about starting something! Haha.
  3. TigerLily013


    Please do not post in topics that have been inactive for 3 months or older. *topic closed*
  4. TigerLily013

    how to fix a v3, v4, and v5`s broken buttons

    This topic was last responded to in March. You bumped the topic. Kind of a no no Closing it now.
  5. TigerLily013

    iPod Battery

    Okay children. Back in your corners. Stop arguing. Topic closed.
  6. TigerLily013

    DB and DBZ

    *Topic moved to '(Non)TamaTalk: Stuff We Watch'*
  7. TigerLily013

    Should I get a Music Star?

    *Topic closed at request by topic starter*
  8. TigerLily013

    Are eggs classed as meat or dairy?

    It's a protein - There are all kinds of protein than just meat by itself. Tofu is also another kind of Protein. Same with Almonds.
  9. TigerLily013

    I'm extremely jealous

    If you don't have productive things to post in reply, then don't post. You wasted 2 seconds of your time looking semi rude. GG bro ;D Anyway You can attempt a friendship if you like, but usually it's a 2 way street. If you make the attempt and they don't respond well, then best to just leave it be.
  10. TigerLily013

    Who Has Braces?

    *topic moved to Non-TamaTalk*
  11. TigerLily013

    this is a weird question

    Doesn't really justify anything. Also keep the cussing off the forums. This is just a friendly outside warning. You look more obnoxious by just doing that. Also hey guess what? TOPIC CLOSED FROM BUMPING
  12. TigerLily013


    Kay. *topic closed*
  13. TigerLily013

    the chat...

    If you're having issues with chat, PM a senior guide for some technical help or make sure your password is being put in properly. A topic really isn't needed. *topic closed*
  14. TigerLily013

    WTH!?! the chat

    If you are having problems with TC, I suggest next time PMing a guide about your issue instead of making a topic about it. It'll be less guess work in the long run. *topic closed*
  15. TigerLily013


    Do you mean text signatures? Because signatures with images are disabled on this site. I suggest if you are looking for some creative input, leave a request in your signature for some fun things to type into it. Don't make a topic for it please. *topic closed*