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  1. Hi - again - Long time no see! (Again) *pokes* (again)

  2. Heya! Long time no see :) *pokes*

  3. I've been enjoying Nintendogs + cats since Late December and recently purchased the older Nintendog's game for my DS Lite (lab and friends edition). Anyone else playing?
  4. I will be posting again in the near future, but this is cool. I'm seriously thinking about joining this hatch coming up if able to And yes I know the whole "maybe" reply is kind of bad for here lol. I am seriously looking into doing it though since I've been on hiatus running anything in a while. Even my boyfriend's been on me about starting something! Haha.
  5. Please do not post in topics that have been inactive for 3 months or older. *topic closed*
  6. Sorry I took a long time to reply, Ive just tooken a brake from virtual pets at the moment too. Im going to restart mine up soon. What VP do you plan on starting up next?

  7. This topic was last responded to in March. You bumped the topic. Kind of a no no Closing it now.
  8. Hey Jord. I saw you left a comment on my wall. I'm alright just been super busy so I've had very little time to get back to into virtual pets. I'm hoping to start something in august, but not sure at this point. I'm also planning a trip to the states so lots of other stuff to do before that. I will update hopefully before my trip :)

  9. Okay children. Back in your corners. Stop arguing. Topic closed.
  10. *Topic moved to '(Non)TamaTalk: Stuff We Watch'*
  11. Hello, Are you okay? I noticed that on your website you have not been posting logs due to personal reasons. I hope that you will be feeling a bit better soon! :)

  12. *Topic closed at request by topic starter*
  13. Wish someone was playing HeartGold or SoulSilver with meh. I want to eventually battle trade people on there!

    1. ciara683


      ide play with you!!!! but wont be getting mine back for a little bit :(


    2. Gotchi Guy46

      Gotchi Guy46

      Do you have Black or White?


    3. Minecraft Addict

      Minecraft Addict

      I'd play it with ya using Platinum or Soulsilver. but my Nintendo WiFi connector is meessed.

  14. Happy birthday, TigerLily013! Hope you have a good one. :)

  15. Happy Birthday TL013 !