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  1. It's called WebsChat. When you make a Freewebs site, you can put a Chatroom on it.
  2. hey thanx maybe we can get Admin to link it to TamaTalk!
  3. You know how TamaChat is closed 4 repair? Well, if Admin is OK with it, we can use MY CHAT ROOM! Feel free to use it anytime; it takes a while to load but it works! But DO NOT swear,please. Regards, MIC
  4. Here it is! http://www.neopets.com/guilds/guild.phtml?id=1482654 We've only got 2 members....and both of those members are my 2 accounts...
  5. Yah! PS: it's called Xweetok. I got 1 on ma account 1xx_ezzie_xx1.
  6. Ok click the link below. http://www.marapets.com/journal.php?do=comments&id=10374 And type in 'neopets' in the box at the bottom of the page, and it changes it to some thing like 'Nothing at all!' , 'brocolli is cool' or 'I think i smell'. Try it! It looks like marapets hate neopets...*giggles*
  7. U r right! Its not just plastic! Anyway i sleep with it ON MY FORE HEAD and my bro sleeps with his IN HIS HAND. only prob is after that we spend half an hour looking for it under his covers! And when it woke up on me bday, I heard the sounds it makes and Im like 'wat da H***!!!'!!!
  8. My girl Furawatchi , Gen11, ALSO HAD THIS HAPPEN 2 HER!!!! But shes not debuged, shes a v2 connection. ITS SOOOOO WIERD!! It hapened yesterday an 2day.'IT WASSSSS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!
  9. Tamagotchi's Name: ? Tamagotchi's Age: N/A Date of Birth: 3/10/05 Date of Passing: 11/11/05 Species: Ginjirotchi TamaType: Tamagotchi Mini What Generation? N/A Your Comments: He made a few beeps...then he fell down...then a scull apered...then...he floated up, into the sky....then a spaceship apered...then a rotating Tarakotchi head apered on the screen. He *sniff* had gone back to Planet Tamagotchi.
  10. Well, it's been a while, hasen't it. PINK V2 CONNECTION: Well, Cloud's baby turned into a Kinokamatchi then a Ichigotchi. I named her Stars. But I really miss Cloud... PS: I'm now on 10gen, and you're not. PSS: I'm hoping to get Mimitchi as an adult. BLUE V2 CONNECTION: The old slob is, suprisingly, still alive. He is now 19yrs old. (!) Only the tam got a glitch...when I pressed A, nada happened. When I pressed B, SOUND? screen came on. When I pressed C, it put Tammy on PAUSE.
  11. PINK V2 CONNECTION: Well Cloud's done a few poops here and there, but for the first time I got CHAMPION on Jump, Bump, Heading, and Slot all in a row. BLUE V2 CONNECTION: This Tam is so totally a retard. He never stops pooping! BLUE & PINK TAMAGOTCHI MINI: