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  1. you need a v3 tama password!
  2. neomail me to say that you hug panda!
  3. ouch! that poor girl! i fell sorry! those mean people should just but out! its not their buisness! accidents happen,good for you for staying friends with her! all those mean people probably had embarassing moments too and should not tease people about their accidents! yur friend probably was sick or something! but dont worry! they should forget about it soon...
  4. everyone got it from the advent calender??
  5. anyone wanna help?????? my panda is very sad!
  6. NEVA MIND! i just found one! want proof? lookup mimitchi3!
  7. ok... on this site called freewebs.com/adopt_pandaz, you can adopt pandas! with these pandas you can have your panda evolve to new stages! first 10 people must neomail you to hug the panda(you just type in the neomail:i hug panda!) so give me your username and send mimitchi3 a neomail that says you hug panda!
  8. tamalover67


    ok...can you neomail me and hug my panda? he needs to evolve! my username is mimitchi3!
  9. mine is mimitchi3. lets be neofriends!
  10. i have one! how could you say their ugly?