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    I love dances and sports.I also like 2 make my own purses.

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  1. My tama was infront of a weed plant and it started 2 sway back and forth.Whats wrong with it?
  2. There is stuff older kids want 2 talk about but u have 2 remember,little kids are on this site.Also some 8 year olds do date but not all of them.Kids that age shouldnt really date til they are older.So we shouldnt talk about this stuff cuz it might encourage them 2 go out and date when they arnt ready.Right?
  3. READ THIS BEFORE U REPLY! The Chatroom will not be working 4 sometime b/c the admin is trying 2 make the site better!So if u dont want the site better then just keep complaining about it!Let the admin stop at whatever he/she is doing to come fix this problem for whiny,little,brats! If u have a problem with that feel free to PM me!
  4. Un pause it by pressing A holding it then press B.
  5. I accedentely clicked on i dunno but i know that there is a dog pet for V2.Its called Pochitchi.go 2 http://www.pixelmood.com/tamagotchi_characters.htm to find more info on it.
  6. Thanx yall! -Sydney .W.~~*OXOXO*~~
  7. Just go here http://pixelmood.com/tamagotchi_connection_debugging.htm I tried it one mine but it didnt work,maybe it will work for u though. Hope this helps!-Sydney .W.~~*OXOXO*~~
  8. Well u have 2 take good care of ur tama and make sure that u fill the happiness hearts when they empty.-Sydney .W.~~*OXOXO*~~
  9. I bought tools for my tama and i guess its to young so what do the tools do?-Sydney .W.~~*OXOXO*~~
  10. well ur tama has to be a baby or adult to put the costume on. -Sydney .W.~~*OXOXO*~~
  11. Read this page and look at all the other stuff here! http://www.pixelmood.com/yasashii.htm
  12. i looked on ebay and a few other websites and i still cant find an oceangotchi.Can u help? Thanx-Sydney .W.
  13. When u press B to conform,U press B first.Hope this helps!
  14. Just keep giving snacks to it and it will play more!