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    neopets(user name:bme27,neomail me saying youre from here and i'll be you neofriend)my tamagotchi,my friends my dogs and my hamster, Spot

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  1. there should be another chance.i missed some of mine and accidentally gave a timeout when I needed to praise it,and it was worries!
  2. bme27


    that sound is the tamagotchi wont go away.(that I know of).If your tama is paused, it isn't there.i wish it go away though
  3. bme27

    Transparent Tamagotchis!

    i got my transparent red from was only $9.99.note-the transparent red is more like transparent magenta,but its still cute.
  4. bme27

    >>>>> How many AVATARS do you have?!?!?!

    i have working on some others though
  5. bme27


    mine has a yellow and pink checkerboard, and my friends has pink and yellow hearts.hers ismore pretty
  6. bme27

    Whats your Tamagotchi doin right now?

    mine is brushing her teeth.earlier she took a bath and later she will sleep
  7. bme27


    thats exactly what i did(without knowing)and just got my mametchi.Its SO cute!
  8. bme27

    tama friend list

    cool.btw i love your avatar!
  9. when you have the next generation, do all your friends youve connected with stay on the list, or do they disappear and you have to start over?
  10. bme27

    Let's make history on Tamatalk!

    good always on.
  11. bme27

    american one beeps?

    mine does too.i think it the motion of the tama.i dont knnow anything about it.
  12. thanks all.i can see its a tree now
  13. bme27

    is my tama fat?

    yeah thats what i Tami is 21 lbs.u can guess i had nothing better to do than play with it huh?
  14. bme27

    is my tama fat?

    thanks.yeah i knew snacks add weight.I spoil mine a bit:)(just a LITTLE) edit:i have been playing and Tami is now at 77 lbs and getting lighter.very happy as well
  15. Tami is 1 yr old an ichigotchi and depending on when shes fed,is between 92 and 95 lbs.My friends tama is an adult,and weighs around 19 lbs.If she is fat, what is the best way to get her to lose weight without starving her?