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  1. i do not know how u like them, but w/e. just leave it alone for like 6 hours each day and you'll get him/her soon. also, don't exersise it. hope i helped!
  2. on my website it explains it very well and has intructions. hope i helped! Click here
  3. wait..... i treated it just like a star.......it was on the 6th gen............ and i got a star! i do not get it someone else please help
  4. o come on! someone has got to know how to get it!
  5. hey, i know i have been asking how to get's a lot but i need another. i need to get: ringotchi (the apple one) please if you have any hints tell me thanks! - tama11we
  6. you can just go to my website and click on "Debugging" Click here hope i helped! - tama11we
  7. How do you get the acorn( ) child? I need to know so bad because my friend got one and she won't tell me how!!! thankx! -tama11we
  8. i am so sorry! i was just streesed at the time and had no idea what he/she was talking about. again, i am so sorry! plz. forgive me! -tama11we
  9. 1. what are u talking about 2. please don't spam!!!!!!!!! people hate it when u do that
  10. ok on my sig it says go to ............. and i want it to be a link but i don't know how to if you have/had a link on your sig, tell me how to do it plz! thankx, - tama11we
  11. Is there something wrong? Whenever i breed my tama with someone, (not matchmaker!) i always get 2 girls! i want a boy, at least one. Is there like a code or something? Plz. tell if you have any suggestions or have had this problem before.Thankx - Tama11we
  12. i think it's a Whaletchi......