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  1. 1. What is your name: Sandra 2. A four Letter Word: scam 3. A boy's Name: Skylar 4. A girl's Name: Shelby 5. An occupation: Surgeon 6. A colour: Saphire 7. Something you wear: Socks 8. A food: Stir Fry 9. Something found in the bathroom: Soap 10. A place: San Fransisco 11. A reason for being late: Someone ate my alarm clock! 12. Something you shout: "STOPPP!" 13. A movie title: SAW 14. Something you drink: Soda 15. A musical group: Saosin 16. An animal: Snow Leopard 17. A street name: Sandstone St. 18. A type of car: Subaru 19. Something scary: Spiders 20. Ice cream flavor: Strawberry Fudge Riple
  2. David Blaine's tricks are actually real unlike Chris Angel's. Chris Angel's trick are mearly just camera illusions and cleaver editing. Anyone with money for technical equipment could be just as good as Chris Angel.
  3. Oh my gosh, Britt. You are so talented. <3 Hmm, title suggestions... I would name it "Fading Memories"
  4. I think it's normal. There's nothing wrong with being clean. I would just let him do what he wants, but keep your deoderant in a safe place.
  5. Everyone does their hair differently and uses different products. This topic is meant for discussing everything about your hair, from the products you use, to how much time you take to make it the way you like it. My hair routine goes something like this: * In the night time * - wash my hair - condition it - in the summer I let my hair air dry if I'm not in a rush, and I always blow dry it in the winter - straighten my hair right before I go to bed * In the morning * - quickly straighten my hair again Products I use: Pantene Pro-V 2-in-1 shampoo Garnier Fructise Sleek&Shine conditioner A Conair blow dryer I've had for a long time and can't remember the name of Vidal Sasson Hair Straightener (It was my first ever hair straightener and I got it because it was cheap) Enough of me writing about my hair. xP I want to know what your hair routine is and what products you use. Also, I need a new hair straightener badly, so if you guys are currently using or have used before a fabulous hair straightener let me know the name of it or a picture would be better. ;D I'm currently considering this hair straightener. Let me know what you think of it and/or if you use it.
  6. Rythem Heaven, Super Princess Peach, Yoshi's Island DS, Mario Kart DS, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, The New Super Mario Bros. WarioWare: TOUCHED! (Highly addictive) and Cooking Mama: Dinner with friends (if you want a fun time waster)
  7. How could I not agree? =P Our polar bears should have more epical powers.
  8. You know I'm terrible at geography! (yes the planets count as geography in my mind) Truee...? I'm craving oreos.
  9. Oh fer sure. 8D Our polar bears shoot rainbow laser beams from their eyes.
  10. Very much agree. Polar bears and oreos have become the latest trend.
  11. Umm, false? But I'm terrible with geography. Canada gets really cold in the winter time.
  12. Totally agree. We should share some oreas while riding on a polar bear right now.
  13. False, polar bears like the north pole because they can party with Santa there. Canadians ride polar bears to school.
  14. False. Oreos taste better without milk.
  15. True. We've started a pattern in this game and in Agree, Disagree.
  16. ( How can you hate egg sandwiches O: ) Agree. Plums have the prettiest shade of purple.
  17. Hmm, true..? I'm listening to Escape The Fate.
  18. (Yes, mine was true. I'm sitting on a polar bear shaped bean bag chair. =D ) True. I'm wearing Hello Kitty pajamas.
  19. Mmm, agree. <3 An egg sandwhich for breakfast is yummy.
  20. True? I'm riding a polar bear. 8D
  21. Agree. Laptops heat your legs up really easily.