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  1. A CobraStarship Truth or Dare video on youtube. <33
  2. Is it "Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We're Famous"? The video's been deleted. x.x
  3. He sounds cute. Got any pictures? :3
  4. I used to wear these bracelets all the time. Until there was an article in the local newspaper about this game, and they got banned from the schools. x.x
  5. I'm so excited for this years Warped Tour. Hopefully I'll be able to go. Here is the bands that will be appearing this year: 3OH!3 A Day To Remember A Rocket To The Moon A Skylit Drive After Midnight Project Aiden Alexisonfire Anti-Flag Attack Attack Bad Religion Bayside Big D and the Kids Table Black Tide Bouncing Souls Breathe Carolina brokeNCYDE Cash Cash Channel 3 Chiodos Civet Dance Gavin Dance Dear And The Headlights DI Dirty Heads DOA Dommin emmure Escape The Fate Every Avenue Fishbone Flipper Flogging Molly Forever The Sickest Kids Gallows Guttermouth Hit The Lights I Set My Friends On Fire In this moment InnerPartySystem ivy league Jeffree Star Jet Lag Gemini Less Than Jake LIGHTS Longway LoveHateHero Madina Lake Manic Hispanic Meg and Dia Millionaires NOFX OUTERNATIONAL P.O.S. Punk Rock Karaoke Red Car Wire Saosin Scary Kids Scaring Kids Senses Fail Settings Shad Shooter Jennings Silverstein Sing It Loud Streetlight Manifesto Superman Is Dead TAT The A.K.A.s The Adicts The Architects The Ataris The Blackout The Devil Wears Prada The Dickies The Exploited The Heroine The Lives of Famous Men The Maine The White Tie Affair Thelonious Monster There For Tomorrow Therefore I Am Thrice Total Chaos TSOL TV/TV UK Subs Underoath Valencia VersaEmerge Westbound Train Are you going to this years Warped Tour? Who are you most excited to see?
  6. Don't trust Me - 3OH!3 All my friends and I randomly burst out singing that song during class. =3
  7. I joined October 10, 2005. Woah, it feels like I just joined yesterday. Gosh I feel old now.
  8. Is your "Num Lock" button turned on?
  9. You guys are all acting insane, it's just a drawing of a wolf. Get. Over. It. Amazing drawing Viv!
  10. I'm on a laptop and I can do it. ♥☻♣○◘☺• This is what you do: 1) First press and hold the "Fn" that's in a box button 2) Press and hold alt 3) Press and hold a letter with a number in a box above it. (ex. J, K, L, U, I, O) Voila! Now you should have a symbol Edit: I just noticed ~im_just_punky~ already posted this solution. x.x
  11. What are some of the best biography's you read? Do you know any good biography's on bands or musicians that I might like?
  12. Seventh grade doesn't count the most towards high school. In fact elementry school just prepares you for high school. Nothing you do in elementry school maters for high school. Woah, those were some strong words at the end there. XD Just ask your mom to go talk to her/him things should straighten out. Next time don't be such a pushover to teachers, I sure would have gave her a piece of my mind.
  13. Twice a day. Unless I'm lazy then just once a day. ;]
  14. I get like 20 of these everyday. They annoy the heck out of me.
  15. Side Swept, Choppy, Long, Bangs. I wanted those last year, the hair dresser messed it up though. If you want it done right I would advise doing it yourself.
  16. O: I am 10000000000000000, Stalker. 12?
  17. OOOOOO: Both, I can't choose. Iced Tea ... or ... Bubbled Tea
  18. Fuzzy Socks <3 Green Bunnies ... or ... Orange Elephants