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    Karate, karate, karate, tamagotchis, old computer games, sims style computer games, computers, website development, cartoon sheep, giraffes, baby elephants, karate....I think that is it! :D

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  1. Bell Sprout

    What are you?

    *Topic moved to '(Non)TamaTalk: Stuff We Listen To'*
  2. Bell Sprout

    If your topic gets closed...

    Hi Missbehave, As the other members have already stated, topics can get closed for a variety of reasons. Our job is to ensure that TamaTalk is a happy, friendly and safe place to be. Sometimes this means closing topics. This doesn't necessarily imply that you are a bad member of anything of the sort - as long as it wasn't closed because you created a topic onthe banned topic list. The Guide who closes the topic will usually leave a brief explanation as to why he or she has done so. If you have any questions, feel free to PM that Guide and they should be happy to clarify for you. Don't take it too personally!
  3. Bell Sprout

    It has 100 % lost it's charm.

    There have been very few instances where Neopets has been hacked... and the target is Neopets and not individual users. Being sucked into a scam is a different thing. Neopets is not really good for young kids anymore because they just don't have the common sense to know when something doesn't seem right and avoid outrightly giving their password away or having the dodgy done and giving a stack load of NP away.
  4. Bell Sprout

    Bell Sprout's V4 Tamagotchi

    Quick update.... Shell evolved into a Ringotchi. The flower teacher was chosen for school. I have decided my buttons are too dodgy to play Dance properly.
  5. Bell Sprout

    visit my pet!

    Hi kkoolbear101, Please have a read of this pinned thread: It will explain what links you can and can't post! *closed*
  6. Bell Sprout

    Who knows the website?

    *Topic moved to 'What's On Your Mind'*
  7. Bell Sprout

    Need baby paint brish

    Faerie Queen Castle - The Hidden Tower
  8. Bell Sprout

    I lost 5,000 points?!

    Oh, you got a visit from the Greedy Kadoatie. It would have looked something like this? Basically it is a random event where a nasty Kadoatie comes along and makes a lot of noise and you, being really smart, paid it to be quiet with 5000NP. It the largest amount of NP that you can lose through a random event. You should score it as a battledome challenger after he/she steals your money. Informative links: Neopets Batteldome High Score Table for Challenger: Greedy Kadoatie Greedy Kadoatie according to In-Depth Battlepedia
  9. Bell Sprout

    Good Grammar Campaign

    I think we need to be a little more specific here. Using talk text or l33t does not inhibit my ability to write a logical, mature and well punctuated sentence. The difficulty that arises is the ability of other users to interpret the words in their correct, unaltered form. It is pehaps, the Western world's version of Kanji. That is, the use of smaller symbols or groups of characters to indicate a larger word. However, many of us don't appear to be too appreciative of our simplification, mostly likely because it is not well uniformed or studied. Qu!+3 phr@n|<1y, 1 d0n'+ <@r3 1f 73h 53n+3n<3 15 wr!++3n 1n 733+. IAY on'tday enevay arecay ifay itay isay rittenway inay igpay atinlay! However, I do care if the post that I am reading consists entirely of three words and doesn't really have any great contribution to the topic at hand. I also believe that if people are going to write in plain English, they should at least bother with capital letters, full stops and commas where required. Getting the correct word for the meaning would also be nice. "I no there is one" v. "I know there is one". I don't expect that everyone writes everything perfectly. Heck, there are probably a number of mistakes in what I have written already however, a little effort and pride in one's posts can make a huge impression and collectively will determine the quality of a forum.
  10. Bell Sprout


    I only ever have one account on any forum. I don't really see the need for any more than one active account at one time. What purpose does it serve?? I tend to be suspicious of people who like to run around with multiple identities on the internet...
  11. Bell Sprout

    Bell Sprout's V4 Tamagotchi

    Shell awoke alone this morning. I have admit that I did get a little bit distracted on here and forgot to keep an eye on her towards the end of the hour and her hunger hearts had bottomed out! Seems it really didn't alter the outcome... I still ended up with a puchitchi AGAIN. If she becomes a ringotchi as a teen, I am not going to be impressed. At least I will know how to control the outcome... even if it means playing certain games that I don't particularly like because of dodgy buttons... I don't realise how much I appreciate work games until they are gone... they are just so multifunctional! Anyway, we shall see how we go.. Oh... a robber came along and stole 300p...
  12. Bell Sprout

    Do you have a favorite?

    *Topic moved to 'What's On Your Mind'*
  13. Bell Sprout

    Bell Sprout's V4 Tamagotchi

    Well... my tama had a little baby girl to a Debatchi... boy that thing has big teeth!! She also had an opportunity to change her path of employment and decided to follow me in the medical arena and is working in the hospital. I can't say that I am overly impressed with that game either and it did take me quite a number of goes to get all 100 hearts and win the game. I bought her a remote controlled helicopter to go with the UFO. She's got a pretty little skirt and I think at long last, I've learned my lesson in regards to buying shovels and pot plants. I will not be making any more losses. The Gotchi King came today and gave her some grapes... lol.. In other news, I not long ago purchased a fantastic tamagotchi cradle from Kyliesmum. About a week and half later, a little package arrived containing a custom made cradle! And.. here it is: (I apologise for the quality... good camera that doesn't do close ups very well. This pic just doesn't do it justice.) On the bottom there are some very cute little feet to protect it and the surface it is placed on! I recommend Kyliesmum's awesome work any day!
  14. Bell Sprout

    Evolution from Toddler to Teen

    The full version of Spudilike's growth chart lives here on TZ. It would seem that you are unable to control or predict the evolution of your tama from baby through teen.... at least at this stage.
  15. Bell Sprout

    Bell Sprout's V4 Tamagotchi

    Well the evolution process seems to have been occurring whether I want it to or not. She barely been unpaused of lately but still she has graduated from primary school and has started work. Unfortuanetly, I got confused and Green is now a school teacher again. That's ok because I find the the teacher work game quite easy to do. I went and bought her two chests that were on sale. The first one produced a matchmaker tama which appeared to swallow Green and proceed to jump around looking all nasty like. Her hearts were strangely empty after that.... The other one contained a drum! I had been wanting a drum so I was quite excited... until I realised that is plays the same tune as the maracas. I also purchased a very pretty little umbrella and a sound system for her to dance to.. Now I have to go and find all these claims about the CD and the boom box and nasty explosions.... Anyway... will update next time I am around.