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  1. I can't find any info on these new 4U versions. I am in love with the designs, but wondering what the differences are and if there are more fun things in these versions that will sell me on paying the price for one off of ebay, please direct me to any info if you have it!
  2. Since tray is down I was wondering about a good site to do a trade. I have a milky pink and blue Id that I don't like do to it having a worn battery button in the back...although it still works. I feel I could get a good different tama for my collection. Please refer me if there is a decent place to do this.
  3. Like the title says, I need step by step instructions on this as every time I try to get the info I get very confused. I have a galaxy note 2014 with infared, not sure if it will work but I can order something to use if needed...I just need fool proof instructions on how to get this to work as I am not the sharpest pencil in the box, thanks!
  4. I like the designs on the newer ones, and a year ago I overpaid for a UK version off eBay and wasn't impressed...I couldn't see anything on the screen making games difficult to play without the perfect light. And it seemed simple without much to do. But now I figured for 20 bucks at toysrus I'd try the us version. Is it better, are there improvements?
  5. I am tired of putting these bigger Japanese Tamas in my pockets, is there a lanyard I can buy to wear it around my neck so it is always with me? I see the ones they are selling for 4u, but 20 bucks?! What is a convenient way to wear my newer pets so I don't forget them and they are always on hand when they beep, I need help!