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    well DUH Tamagotchis :D, Final Fantasy 11, JAPAN!!!! i love japan:D,
    games, anime, manga, people, places, and uh things XD
    im prety open minded so i dunno :D i have

    3 active Tamagotchi's:
    1 VS2 -Kutchipatchi- boy
    1 JAPANESE version 1 - Masktchi - girl
    1 VS2 - ringotchi >.>? - girl (NEW ADDITION TO FAMILY


    1- hinotamatchi - boy
    2JAPANESE - oniontchi - boy :D

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    TMCG+C and IDL

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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day

  2. ill join i have tons of pets i could run. just lemme go through em and see which ones i wanna run i may do the nano baby and try for a girl since i never have run it for that. i only have run the boy
  3. sorry im gonna have to skip the hatch because i had to have someone move into my apt last minute so wont have time [bows] but ill def be watching everyone elses progress! thanks for having me <3
  4. i think my IDLE is coming in tomorrow so i should be set! cant wait
  5. so i still didnt get it till i finally watched this video. u have to slowly go back and forth with the arrows until the charge goes up completely. for anyone else confused heres the video. now im enjoying this thank you all for your help!
  6. I SHOULD have my IDLE by then i hope ^^' then ill try n join
  7. Hey all sorry for so many questions but i was playing on my floppy frog and i was wondering. does the game not work for tadpoles? because i even watched a video on someone reviewing it and it did the same where u select the game option but it just sits there it doesnt jump or move when you press the arrow keys. is that supposed to happen?
  8. Gosh well I can always take my chances w a NIP or get someone selling one that can guarantee the sound works :/
  9. I got a floppy frog from ebay and found it has no sound...when i searched for a replacement on ebay I found that lots of gigapets being sold have no sound. is this a problem that occurs often with giga pets? i was looking forward to the sound on the floppy frog its hard to check if theyre hungry or angry without the sound... :-/
  10. older is way mroe interactive and simple
  11. i got my rugrats reptar giga pet i find it cute but needing to sell it in my sales page
  12. someone else did a rancor preview
  13. this is my review of R2D2 i did a while back
  14. Im 25 and still building my collection:D I currently am playing with a V1 and a nano baby <3