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  1. Just bought a purple (yay) Cheeks Chan on Amazon. ^__^

    1. derekq


      :) though, I don't get how Cheeks Chan is a Tamagotchi, i mean it is branded under Tamagotchi but does it have tamagotchi characters?
    2. OldSchoolTama


      Congrats! Thanks to Carleesi (I daresay she's influenced you as well :D), I'm getting one too. :)


      Cheeks Chan isn't a Tamagotchi, nor is it a Bandai product (it shouldn't be listed as one anyway). It's made by Takara Tomy.

    3. XBlackIrisX


      Yeah no it's not part of the Tamagotchi family! It's a cousin. And yes she did :) I joined a Tamagotchi Ancestors on Facebook and a member had made some videos on insight about the Cheeks Chan unit. It's really cute! I'm looking forward to adding it to my collection. I like it because it's different and it DOES connect to computers for gifts! I'll find links and post them :)