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  1. you are driving a bus. the bus drives downtown, three 20 year olds get on. when the bus drive back uptown, 7 teens get on and one of the 20 year olds get off. then the bus goesback downtown and picks up a family of a 37 year old, a 39 year old, 2 7 year olds, a 12 year old and a newborn and drops of the 7 teens . the bus goes back uptown and drops off the family. then the bus drives to the nuclear power pland and drops off the other 2 twenty year olds. how old is the bus driver?
  2. i want a reindeer one plz! name dasher animal reindeer bacground color red and green background pattern stripes other can there be a little present?THX!
  3. Am i allowed to have 2? heres a form for my 2nd if im allowed: Pet name: Missy animal: Begging Dog background color(s): blue and green background pattern: can you do an outside scene if not blue stripes other: can you make a bone? thanks!!!
  4. th persin below me is wierd because theres a memetchi with buck teeth here
  5. ooh! i want one! Pet name: Mumble speices: Penguin gender: Male favourite things: Bed Color: Black occupation: pet store owner house owned:townhouse these are so cool! tell everyone to visit here! YAY SIGGY PETS!! (oh, why did i have that sugar cookie after school?)
  6. no its not when i went to buy a v3, there was none left so the lady at walmart said there was going to be a v4 in july
  7. this is in the wrong forum.this should be in whats on your mind
  8. i have 3 questions 1:what was the date/time? 2:was it a baby,teen,child or adult? 3:was it connection or connexion?