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  1. I have tried to open up the Tamagotchi, but I had so much trouble trying to get all the screws out, that I just ended up putting back the screws I did have out and leaving it alone again. I tried opening up another virtual pet (which had bigger screws and was soooo much easier to unscrew them), and wiped the part behind the rubber buttons, but the buttons still wouldn't work after I put it back together>_< Thanks, though, both of you^^ Maybe I'll try it again with the Tamagotchi after I return from vacation. The Hong Kong special edition one cost me ten dollars. If you live in New York, then there's this guy in Elizabeth Center in Chinatown with lots of leftover red HK ones in his window on the bottom (not really displayed; more like storage). I think he only brought in that batch from wherever he was storing them because I had asked him if he had any Tamagotchi left over (you should have seen his expression when I asked him^^). The box is really neat because of the fireworks display. The menus and the manual are in English. I like the HK manual becase of the pictures of the professor and his assistant; it's so cute!
  2. On the subject of broken virtual pets, can someone tell me if mine can be fixed? A few months ago, I took out my purple Tamagotchi from way back when they first came out and tried to play with it, but one (or two; I forget) of the buttons wouldn't work so I couldn't set the time, so it couldn't hatch. The pulsating egg displays on the screen just fine, though. Not such a problem if I can't get that fixed because I managed to get a special edition Hong Kong red one from a gift shop that had lots of those left over (still does) and the new ones that just came out are much better with their new animations and a real pause feature anyway, but I have the same problem with some other virtual pets of mine that I can't get anymore (and am not willing to play an arm and a leg for). Purple looks better than red anyway^^ I had kept the purple Tamagotchi in its orignal packaging, so I had assumed that even though the packaging for the other pets I had were thrown out (they had to be; they weren't the box kind that I could just close and open again and again), the Tamagotchi would fare better stored away than they would. My Keroppi pet, also kept in its orignal packaging, works fine, but it's also the most boring battery operated toy I've ever played with.