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  1. I don't know the difference really I think they're very similar. But I do have a japanese angel and I think it's awesome I know for sure that some of the food and the 'out for a stroll' door is different
  2. whoops! Guess I didnt' see the new post - I was waiting for it in Tama News instead of at that seperate link Congrats to Yuurei!
  3. Do you think they'll EVER judge that grand prize contest?! I'm anxiously waiting. I haven't been on tamatalk lately because it has been finals week here at college and I was REALLY busy. Anyways I did check and they haven't judged yet! It's taking forever!!!!
  4. I have a pair too!!!! When I first got them I thought they were by far the best tama ancestors around. Everyone seems to LOOVE angelgotch but I like these guys a lot better. I love the sounds too - little short beeps The screen is really open and the buttons are fast (closer to the v2s we have now). They're super cute ^_-
  5. Aww, how cute! I like the little striped bumble-bee looking one! What exactly is a Cho Jinsei?
  6. That may be your opinion, but I still enjoy mine. If you know how to level up and what combinations to use to make them do special things they're a lot more fun, especially when have two.
  7. CUBees are these little square pets that sing songs. They're SO cute. I just got the cow, chick and pig in the mail today!!!! Here's a site about them (there are many). http://www.firebox.com/?dir=firebox&action=product&pid=1053 They're smaller than I thought they would be which is actually good because they're cuter and take up less space! They're more like "desktop buddies" (like hadamari no tami and others) than pets you have to take care of. Anyway, they're just these REALLY cute little electronic toys!!!! Watch the video on that site you'll love it. You can get them on Ebay or if you're from the UK there are a bunch of sites.
  8. Thanks!!!! That helped a lot - now I know it's not just me =) Your site was also really helpful. Thanks again
  9. So, anybody else? Comments on the size/buttons? Thanks
  10. Yep! Feed it specific food, games, neglect it or not at all, leave it alone or always look after it, etc. You should get a different character. Though it is pretty weird having the same teen over and over. How many of them have you had in a row?
  11. HORRAY! I can't wait to see pictures. I want to get a mutsu someday too
  12. Yeah I had tapped the screen but it just didnt' seem to work. This last time though I finally scared the bat away!!!! It must be pretty particular about how you tap it Congrats on your new angel btw!
  13. I believe you're talking about a connection or connexion though. Angelgotchis don't have shops.
  14. Also, what's a good amount of TP? What is a desired amount? Would also help if I knew what it was used for O_o thanks
  15. I ended up getting a white japanese Angelgotch. Is it just me, or is it tiny?! Hahaha. I know I'm used to the v1 and v2s now. I dont' remember how big the originals were. But to me, the Angelgotch seems pretty tiny. And the buttons feel a little delayed or something. So far, so good though My good deed meter had 3 little points in it and now it has none, but I don't know why. I'm still a bit hazy on the good deeds meter and what the TP points are actually used for. But I like him he's cute. Also, I've gotten the bat a few times and I've tapped the screen, and he never flys away! He always steals my candy! Any tips? Thanks!