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  1. Hello! I'm just wondering where I could buy a new Tama. I live in Canada. I checked Wal-Mart, nothing. Please dont suggest online stores as I have no way to purchase online. Thank you!
  2. I think this topic should be closed. Copy + Pasting of other peoples hard work (>>Click here for the work you copied<<) This is one of the rules being broken. //MT
  3. Most of you have probably wondered... There is a pattern where America sludges behind Japan I mean, here it is: Tamagotchi Plus - Tamagotchi Connection Unknown at the moment (I will edit later in this section) - Tamagotchi Connection V2 Ketai - Tamagotchi Connection V3 EnTama - Tamagotchi Connection V4 UraTama - Tamagotchi Connection V4.5 TamaSuku(Tamagotchi School) - (Im guessing V5 the way this pattern is going) //MT
  4. There is a very diffucult hard-to-understand theory to this. It is like dominants. Kuchi+Meme =Meme for example. Hope you figure this out.
  5. Please don't bump up ancient topics!
  6. I think they should make a Tama for older people and younger, the one for 7-10 year olds would be like the V1 and the older one 11+ would have tons of features.
  7. The Hamburger game has been out for quite a while now. //MT
  8. On V4? If it is a V4 Click Here Then that will help you alot.
  9. 1st of all, there is already a large topic regarding how to keep your Tamagotchi away from teachers, bosses etc. 2nd of all, isabele10 I appreciate your hard work, searching codes for your Tamagotchi but, Most of those codes do not work. And isabele10 you should not top old topics. This thread has not been active for a few months. I think someone should close this before it goes in the wrong direction.
  10. The games varies. Sometimes there is a span where you gain alot of the same point at the same game. MidasTouch34
  11. Maybe you could explain it a bit better than *drunk ginger root*
  12. Yes that is definetely a Japanese UraTama go ahead, buy it there a blast.
  13. Yes, your Tamagotchi has an infrared system right? The infrared can go about a foot away from the other Tamagotchi, so It wont be tampering with aircraft frequencies. If you just have one Tamagotchi that is even better.
  14. Name: Alysa Gender: Girl Character: Pukatchi (The character in my avatar) Intelligence: 41 Style: 2 Kindness: 0 Training: None. (Really) Weight: 99 Lbs probably around 300 by now... Age: 3 Isnt she cute
  15. That happened to me also! My mom usually does the wash, but I do alot. I forgot it was in my pocket. But, it was perfectly fine after!
  16. Yes, I think that Tamagotchis are being marketed towards girls, but I do think that Bandai needs to open up their eyes a bit and make a change. It makes boys (Like myself) to be in public playing with a Tamagotchi or buying a Tamagotchi right next to barbies in the Girls Aisle a bit uncomfortable. They do have some boyish designs although girls could easily make it into a girls design. Remember Bandai, the whole reason you started Tamagotchi so that people could have pets without high expenses and mess. Wake up, Bandai
  17. The excact same thing happened to me, maybe you can only get a certain amount at a time not all at once.
  18. The uratama is a Japanese Tamagotchi. You will have to Google the origin of "Ura" MidasTouch34
  19. I found this video off of YouTube, I think this guy should really think of something better to do than make this video. Click here for TamaTalk Diss video. MidasTouch34
  20. Im sorry, but you can't "unlock" characters. You get those three by getting high amounts of certain skill points. Take a look at this. MidasTouch34
  21. I am not trying this. I get skill points the natural way and Im not risking breaking my Tama
  22. And... I'm so dumb! I went into a cell phone store and took off the plastic sticky protector to find out that it was too small. About the dumb part, on the top of the scanner there is a BIG sheet of it, protecting it. So I use that now. MidasTouch34,