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  1. I tried that, but weird things happened.
  2. CR.KZ-My 2 BFFL's initials Aww.Bumblebee - ILY FeeBee X.ILY4Ever
  3. F o r e v e r or TZ.KZ (initials of the ones I love..) or TG4S or Mr.K is evil
  4. I'm not a vampire. I knew that a long time ago. Shayna, it's not Katie's fault, she's right. I have to get over it, but it's HARD. Not when Luca (my awesome, protective friend) is moving to Ireland. Soon. Oh no.
  5. I think you guys are mad at me by saying "That's life." I think I've lost the will to live.. I'm surprised FeeBee hasn't replied to this. I love you, Michelle. Thanks, Katie.
  6. I am obsessed with dissing.. It's either myself, or Tony.
  7. Ready for the rant? Ok then.. Tony is always incredibly mean to me, I eat too much, I have nightmares about people I love.. Can't find romance, while kindy kids have already had their first kiss (+more..) I think my life is ruined.. And.. FeeBee&Michelle don't talk to me much anymore.
  8. "Freestylin' Unicorn Bookstealing Friends (?)" - Me + Tony. "Yesh, XD" - Me + Ksenia. "Internet Safety.." - Me + Michelle, Me + FeeBee. "You're a piece of ayarse!" - Me + Richard. "MARIAAAA.." Me + Ms Conry. "Jacob's Diamond = Our bronze.. no, TIN!" Me + Kevin. "The gorgeous 4 some" Me + Michelle + Ksenia + FeeBee.
  9. W O W. The best thing I did was... :Win a poetry comp. (boring) :Win my schools talent show in Yr. 2 :Win my first dance comp.. It was a major Irish Dance competition called a "Feis". :Become school Vice-Captain.. Oh, and.. :Lead my school to victory in an inter-school latin/ballroom comp. You're so cool, FeeBee. I suck.
  10. Tony dissed me so I dissed him back. We both cried.
  11. A. Your best friends die. You.. A.Cry B.Die C.Seek REVENGE.