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    tamagotchis, art, digital art, html.<br><br>-I own 3 tamagotchi connection version 2 tama's, a tamagotchi mini, and 2 tamagotchi connection version 1 tama's

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  1. yeah i got one there....dont get 'em...theyre boring.
  2. visit my website where i created a section specifically for this "debugging" tells u whether or not u should debug depending on the good and bad stuff about check it out
  3. yes, u can debug a version 2 cause i own 3 version 2s and they are debugged n_n
  4. here u go My Webpage i have drawings there that u can see...sign the guestbook if u visit... like anime like: -Marmalade Boy -Sailor Moon (sort of) -Escaflowne (the Movie) OH ..and INuyasha ( i have the main action figures of that series: Inuyasha (halfdemon), Inuyasha (human form), Kagome, Sesshomaru, Kikyo, Miroku, Sango) and i also like full metal alchemist..
  5. All my Tamas are debugged...and I was connecting a version 2 butterfly, with a version 2 baby boy..i was connecting it so that the butterfly would give the baby a present...and after the butterfly appeared on the baby's screen...a BIG BLINKING X appeared and would not go away...i couldnt press any buttons and the X would not stop blinking on the screen.....I reset the version 2 and downloaded the baby again...and when i tried to connect the same way it DID work this time..but I was just wondering....WHAT WAS THAT??
  6. i read in the section by admin. that there will bea new was posted on the 20th....but...what is the contest about????