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  1. yea wot is the code??? does enyone have a tamagotchi v3 yet? so angry dont have 1 yet
  2. tamagotchi22


    probably but no one no's when they r going to loose theres!!!!! it is so sad though(acbcabac)
  3. tamagotchi22


    what do you mean by "went away"????? did it die or just leave????? well i feel really bad for u
  4. when your tamagotchi dies but it has a baby does it still have all the things that the grownup tamagotchi had??????? mine is an adult and is about to get the matchmaker and i want to keep the costume for the baby!!! my e-mail poochey_pup_22_92@hotmail.com
  5. i am not sure if it is rare or not but o have one to. its name is ciara isn't that sweet????? is my best friend and i also have a and a but the other two( and don't work) well gotta go chat with yall later bye
  6. how do you knit a tama pouch????? i have a tama pouch!! it came with my tamagotchi. i bought it off of my friend a long time ago and it is still in perfect shape well gotta go bye
  7. i agree with xblackiris that is a bunch of bull tama's are better that anything(except for money!!!!) well gotta go bye
  8. why dose the matchmaker have to come??????? my tama just died but the matchmaker came when he died!!!!!!!!!! WHY DID THAT HAPPEN????????
  9. tamagotchi22


    I fell super bad for anyone who looses their tamagotchi's i lost mine just today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his name was jacob and he was only 1 year old and his hearts for hunger were full and so were his happiness hearts and he just died at exactly 1:00 today! i am super sad