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  1. I wouldn't imagine that either of these places would have them. After all, they're only sold in Japan, really, right? I mean unless someone decided to order it specially or something...
  2. WOO HOO! Finally basically done my lab report!!! ^_^; Just gotta proofread it now later on for mistakes! :'3 (On to the rest of my homework... lol!!!)

    1. tamagotchialice
    2. Amat Gotchi

      Amat Gotchi

      Blech, we have to do a lab report soon. It's about marigolds and variables for their growth. I think my marigolds are mostly dead. xP

  3. The snow I got stuck on was probably about a foot deep. I kept stalling it because I would upshift to second gear, come to a corner, and then the car would get sort of stuck in the corner going around it and it would shudder to a stop. I really wasn't too kind to my poor clutch! We might have to replace it soon, but it's gone like 410,000 kilometres and I think that it's still only on its first or second clutch or something. I don't know for sure... we bought the car used. My driveway slopes down, away from the house, so if it ever rolled back it would roll into the street... and probably my neighbour's nice BMW, because he sometimes parks it there. xD; Lol.
  4. Neonmoo: Just wait until it snows really heavily! Then you won't even be able to get out of your driveway... lol. Do you drive standard? I burned up the clutch on my car just because I got stuck on some snow. How embarrassing. I was in the way of a snowplow driver and just sat there helplessly until my dad came and rescued me, yelling all the while. ;.; Yeah, I haven't added all that much to my parents' insurance, either! Just shop around - some insurance companies are better about that than others.
  5. So, I've been learning to drive lately. Do you drive? Not yet? Are you learning to drive? Just curious: If you DO drive, what's the worst mistake you've ever made? I've had countless mistakes, but I think the one that stands out the most is when I forgot I was driving an automatic and, in my rush to get out of the car to quickly see something one time, forgot that it wouldn't just stall if I left it in gear and left it in Drive. And stepped out of the car. And got to experience the most simultaneously horrifying and terrifying moment of my life as the van started driving itself merrily away from me. I've also cut people off before, because they wouldn't let me into their lane when I needed to get into the turning lane... Perhaps my worst mistake was underestimating the pure evilness of hills when I was learning to drive standard. *stall* *stall* *stall*
  6. So, hey guys! Of all my Tamagotchis, these are it: V2, V3, V4, V4.5, a Music Star, a P1, P2, some Entamas and I think some other Japanese one too that's very similar to the Entamas. I'm thinking of starting one up again today. Which one should it be?

  7. So I have two very important projects due on Monday that I've barely started. Okay, so let's work on them and get off of Facebook! Yay! And, well, at that, my brain just shakes its head and goes, "Haven't you some nostalgia for Tamagotchis to be feeling right about now, Amberleaf?" And, so, that's what happened... :(

    1. It`s Teri

      It`s Teri

      I remember you I haven't seen you for a long time!

    2. Amat Gotchi

      Amat Gotchi

      Welcome back!

    3. mimitchi&hanatchilover


      Le gaspeth!!! Yeah, I haven't been on here in FOREVER. :) Every time I go on here, I feel like starting up a Tamagotchi again, and then I forget... >_>; Might just do that today, AFTER I finish my two projects, of course! :) I have to get them done by 5, so... well, lol.

  8. I'm always so terrified when it comes to buying things from eBay - so far, I've gotten good items each and every time, but I generally try to go for the pricier ones, as those that are more expensive tend to be real more of the time than those that are cheap. When I was looking for a copy of "Harvest Moon: More Friends In Mineral Town" (which is a GBA game), I ended up purchasing a $30 copy. My mom asked me why I couldn't just buy one of the 1 cent ones. I don't know, when I look for a new phone, hopefully later this year, I think I'll buy off of Amazon. I don't want to make a cool purchase and get all excited, only to get it home and realize that it's a fake or something. Being a collector would mean that it would suck if something if yours got damaged... I collect porcelain cat figurines. If one of them ever broke, I would be very unhappy!
  9. Well, you must have done SOMETHING to mess it up that badly!
  10. Well, both my band members are male, and my Tamagotchi is female.... ^.^;
  11. Nah, don't know if I want to do that... because, as I said, the temptation is just always there to play with them! Besides, it's a pain pausing a P1. Maybe it would just be better to take the batteries out of most of them... and only keep the batteries in the V4.5 and V6... because no matter how guilty I feel about all that, grades are the most important thing, right? I mean, it's not like my Tamagotchi is going to kill me in my sleep just because I sent it back to its home planet or something because of schoolwork! *hehe*
  12. Well, I'm keeping my V4.5, my V6, and my P1. ^.^; I currently have a Tamatchi on my P1, which is a good-care character, and he doesn't really bother me... but I will probably just put it on pause for a little while until I'm done my exams. ^.^; That, or just taking the batteries out all together.... But I'd feel really guilty, because I'd be essentially murdering it! However, if there are no batteries in it, there is no temptation to get it out and play it. Should I just take the batteries out? In addition, my V4.5 and my V6 still have to grow.... My V6 will be having a baby soon, and my V4.5's parent just left, but they're not that hard to take care of....
  13. OMG!!! Yes!!! I didn't see it, because I was clearing up some laundry and letting the cat outside into the cold, frigid, and especially freezing air, but when I came back to my computer, I looked at my P1, and he has evolved into a Tamatchi!!! :3 I am happy. ^.^;
  14. OMG, I was just reading through one of my old Tamagotchi Logs (I found it on Google, when I was searching for my Blogagotchi, which I luckily also found - but lost the password to - BLAAAAAH), and I was so immature back in 2006! XDD Haha, it was a log for my very first V3 (which later had a button fall out), and I think I was in either the 4th or 5th grade... and I am quite embarrassed at some of the things I wrote back then! Haha! Here's a link, if you want to read it: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/42556-my-v3-log/. I believe that was also the log where somebody told me to make it more interesting again! x3 It got rather boring, I think, and that was the motivation behind them asking me to do so.... ^.^;
  15. Well, I have put three of my Tamas away, leaving me with only... 3! ^.^; The peacock-shelled V4.5, the Music Star, and the P1. :3 **V4.5** Hi!!! Guess what I am?!?!?! I'm a Kuchitamatchi! My Mom just left recently. She stayed with me for a few days, but, then... well, this morning she was suddenly gone! My name is Phea (A/N: I found that in a fanfic somewhere). I cried and cried until my owner FINALLY woke up, and FINALLY fed me! **Music Star** Guess what! I be old. I don't think that old people are liked very much... simply because even before I evolved into an Otokitchi, we were losing fans steadily for days on end! We're still #1, though, so at least that's good. **P1** Not really much to report, at least, not on the evolving front.... I'm still a Marutchi! Aww. I should evolve soon, though, as I just got sick recently, and I heard that's just your body building itself up to evolve within the next 24 hours; so, yay!