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    Hello, I'm Sarah. I like tamagotchis but I don't play with mine anymore I just come here to go to the neopets forum. My username on neopets is hotgirlz306. I love neopets a lot and I also like digimon but I hate pokemon.<br>I have 3 pets: 2 dogs, and 1 guinea pig. I used to have a rabbit named fluffy but he died a while ago :( for my birthday I am going to get a new pet it will probably be a fish although I would also like a cat, a bird, a hamster, or a rabbit.<br>My favourite TV shows are Neighbours, House, The Simpsons, Everybody Loves Raymond, Brainiac, Monk, and Seinfeld.<br>My favourite computer games are The Sims, The Sims 2, Petz 3, Petz 4, and Petz 5.<br>My birthday is on the 15th of March.<br>My hobbies are shopping, going for walks, swimming, listening to music, and playing the computer and especially going on Neopets!

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  1. I outgrew furbies about five years ago (I'm not saying that older people can't like furbies though)
  2. I agree, neopets has a lot more things to do than tamagotchis. I really like neopets and I don't think it is evil.
  3. it isn't really that bad, I joined but I forget my username, I think it was angel_puss397 or something like that. What I don't like about powerpets is that it isn't challenging enough and there is hardly anything to do, but sometimes I go there. I like Neopets a lot more though.
  4. Does anyone have the Dogz game for gameboy advance? I think it was made by the same people who made the Dogz and Catz games for computers. I was just wondering if anyone had it and would like to talk about it here (I might be getting it for Christmas) I hope that they make a Catz game on Gameboy Advance too!
  5. here are some games that you could play that can get a lot of np from playing all of them, sometimes more than 12k each day, so that would be about 79k each week!(but if you are good at other games then play them cos you could get a better score than on these games and get more np) Extreme Herder Petpetsitter 200m Peanut Dash Rink Runner Neverending Boss Battle Toybox Escape Meepit Juice Break Whack-A-Staff-Member Warf Rescue Team Meepit vs Feepit usually I don't play all of these each day as it can take up a lot of time, but just from playing the first 4 games on that list I get about 6k also you should go to the money tree sometimes, usually there isn't good items there but one time I got an item that I could sell for about 17k! I have also seen a codestone there once, and there was also 2k donated by the wishing well. Usually you won't find anything good there and you shouldn't go there every day but it is worth a try! You should also do the daily things like Coltzans Shrine, Fruit Machine, Tombola, Deserted Tomb, Underwater Fishing, and the Advent calender(only in december.) If you have any spare items that you don't need, put them in your shop or trading post, and some items you can buy them from the normal shops and sell them for a lot more (this works best for chocolates, books, and petpets)
  6. I think it would be fun to have 5 neopets at a time because I have 4 right now and I really, really want to have just one other neopet. Some people don't want to go to the trouble of having a second account just for a 5th neopet. What do you people think??
  7. I don't take care of my tamagotchis anymore (but sometimes if I have nothing to do I take them off pause and play with them) but I have online neopets and I will start playing with my pocket neopets once I get some new batteries.
  8. Does anyone here own the Catz or Dogz computer games? I used to have Petz 3 but I don't have it anymore cos it got uninstalled a long time ago and I have a Windows XP now and I don't think it works on that. But I have Petz 5 which is even more fun! My favourite thing to do on the games is breed the petz and get adorable little puppies or kittens! If you don't have the Petz games and would like to know what they are about, well it is like you start the game by going to this adoption centre and you choose what breed to get .(depending on which game you have you'll either have cats, dogs, or both if you have the 2 games) You can adopt as many petz as you want but can only have 2 out at a time, the rest of them are in your supply case with your items. You can feed them, play with them, dress them up in clothing, and even breed them. I have had over 100 petz, usually I keep them in other folders to keep them organised. My first ever petz, which I got in Petz 3, was a female Calico kitten named Jess. I still have her now. My second pet (but first dog) was a female Mutt named Bonnie. If you have the game we can talk about it here and if you don't have it but want to ask more questions you can post them here.
  9. I have that game, I don't really play it much anymore but it is still very fun. I have the Dachshund & Friends game and I have 4 nintendogs so far: a pug, a beagle, a schnauzer, and a jack russel (you unlock the jack russel by finding the 'jack russel book' when taking your nintendog for a walk). My brother has Lab & Friends, he has a miniature pincher and a labrador. The only breeds that I have left to unlock in my game are the labrador, chihuahua and dalmatian.
  10. I found out about it when for my birthday I got a pocket aisha. I really loved to take care of it, and then when I got the internet I joined neopets.com and I adopted my first neopet. I am still a member of neopets now and I still have my original neopet along with three others!
  11. I have 4 neopets, my username is hotgirlz306
  12. my neopets are a Christmas Bruce, a Baby Uni, a Split Acara, and a Gold Shoyru.
  13. Which colour should I paint him? I like all of those colours but I am not sure which colour will be best for me to paint him.
  14. I painted my Acara yesterday but instead of purple I decided to paint her split! Now I just need to save up enough NP to paint my Lupe.....I have no idea what colour I will paint him though.