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  1. Sorry.Didn't reply yesterday.Lari left,but I didnt see it.The new tama is.. Name:Isis Age:0 training:2 bars gender:female generation:2 Type-kinokimatchi,the gourd looking one,toddler
  2. I'm in eastern kentucky,and theres only one other person...*crys*
  3. Incest doesnt bother meh,have to put up with because my fav chara is often put with his sister.. The matchmaker came.Lari is now bounceing around with her baby girl.I pushed that first button on theleft too..accadentaly. Its not getting older,its still 6.5training bars,35lb. Random:On a pet site,my pet leveled up and was asked a queston,that im not going to say.I now know my pet is a phycopath thats going to take over the world.I hope Lari isnt that way.. Edit:Nice to know someone has a purple one too.I put stickers all over mine
  4. Im pondernig on getting another Tama.*ponder* Lari is 6,nadda.It sang two days ago.I want to connect and see wahat it does..*has never connected* Still 5 training bars,32 pounds,1st gen. On a random note:My favorite fanfiction writer doesnt seem to write about her favorite chara(and mine)any more...
  5. Nothing new today.Its still at aadult without baby,still 5 training bars,
  6. My tamagotchi hasnt been in water.It is fell in water I would be to afraid to pick it up,thinknig I would get shocked.*sweatdrop*
  7. My pet is now.*counts*4 years old.It evolved to adult!It looks like a duck thing.It hasnt done much else today. Training bars:5 lb:30,base Edit:Its a Tarakotchi.. edit again:Its taking a bath!
  8. Err..Can I join?I got my tamagothchi connection as a Christmas gift.Its a teen with 5 training bars.I'm not sure if its going to evolve to adult at this point...
  9. Lari is jumping hurdles.Was singing and doing nothing. Edit-Is now listening to "Overlap",aka Pages of memories with me.Its a japanese song
  10. I've dropped mine and it didnt do anything,and I hear a heartbeatish sound from the back of mine
  11. Mines just wondering on the screen aimlessly,so..I think thats nothing.
  12. Hinotamatchi-Because its the one I have