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  1. Once I was doing dishes in my sink and I accidently dropped a dish in the water. the water came splashing up and got inside of my tama. first it was making really funny sounds and the buttons were frozen, lukily I still had the pakaging and I still had the tab that you pull out. I put the tab in my tama, and by morning it was back to normal. YAY!!!!
  2. I just got my light blue bubble v3 last friday. It was working fine until today, it won't let me play any games, he absolutely won't play ANY!!! can you help ~mimitchi2004 *_*
  3. that is hotodetchi. when it turns 3 or 4 it will turn into ine of these (not just that, that's all the teen avies I could find)
  4. those are version 2's. I have the first and my friend has the second. they are the exact same!!!!!!
  5. if you rub between the circles it will stay debugged longer
  6. I am trying to breed my 2 tamas. After i finally got 4 hearts i did the love potion etc. but when i connected my tama did not go over to others. I looked and there the girl was cheating on the boy. The funny thing was she was cheating on the same character. Is this normal? -cananyonehepmeeee????
  7. enter the code BCBACABA at the shop, (press A until he is surprised, then enter the code) if it's the first time you've entered the code, you will get it free if second, you must pay 3000p.
  8. if you ignore it for a while or disapline it will soon play. i heard that if you disapline it 6 times, your character will be better at bump.
  9. keep going guys! i want to know them all!