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  1. Okay, so. I saw we already have a character chart posted, but I decided I wanted a more comprehensive one. So, I did a bit of research using my TamaGo and the internet and I created a new chart. This one has detail on amount of care needed to obtain a certain species. But, as you can see, it's nowhere near finished. What you can do to help me out and gain some credit: you can tell me if I've gotten the care levels wrong you can create pixel sprites for the species you can take photos of the species on your tama and upload them so others can make pixel sprites you can tell me if there's something wrong design-wise with the chart you can tell me if there's a feature you think could be added to the chart You can also help out by answering some questions that I have (I don't think I've been here / used a Tamagotchi for about 4-5 years): In the TamaGo, do you only get certain teenagers from certain children? If so, which? In the TamaGo, do you only get certain adults from certain teenagers? If so, which? In the TamaGo, do you only get certain oldies from certain adults? If so, which? In the TamaGo, do you only get specific species in specific generations? If so, which? In the TamaGo, how much care is required to get [any member of the adult species]? Questions you shouldn't ask: Can I help out with how it looks? Sorry, but that's for me to do. Can I put this on any other websites I want? Not without permission from me. Can I print this out? Sure! Can I change this and put it on a different website? Okay, but leave the "Created by..." text intact. Why aren't any adult species displayed? Because I don't have enough info to put them in. -Quilford
  2. Many people like peanut butter.
  3. There has recently been a big debate going on about tamagotchi's. Soe people think they are good, some people think they are bad. See below. Bad: Taking tamagotchi's to school is a bad idea. a) You will get it confiscated and you will get in trouble. It will disrupt your learning and you will lose all attention for school. c) People will get bored with you if you hang out with your tama too much and you will lose friends. d) Also, certain dobbers will tell on you which will result in the same consequences as a). e) They motivate everyone else to bring tama's to school. Good: Tamagotchi's are good for you. a) A recent headline goes: Virtual pets bring actual knowledge (in Aus). Scientists have said that virtual pets make kids learn about responsibilities. Instead of annoying your mother and father, tamagotchi's are a great time-be-gone. c) They are fun. d) They help you get friends. e) Another thing scientists have found out is that if people visit TamaTown, they are motivated to make their own little fantasy world. They have also found out that it encourages people to make their own game/website/virtual pet. There are 2 sides to the Tama argument. (but that doesn't stop your parents not getting you one ) -steynj
  4. This is the Diseased Productions website.
  5. Because you smell like cheesy socks!! sorry Why do volcanos erupt?
  6. Here's number 2! Today...mmm…let me see! Games icon. Game - v2 Jump. For all evolve forms. Make your tama to the minimum weight, and then win! - Bump. Only for child up. Feed your tama to 99 to win this game! Also, if you want to avoid getting toothaches when you are a child, feed you tama to 99 when it is a baby and then win without toothaches! - Heading. Only for teen up. Always revert to the middle after a header to win! - Slot. Only for adult up. Look at your tama's expression, and you will see a pattern. Just before a happy face comes up, press "B" to win. When you have no happy hearts in your tama, play Slot. The wheel will go slower than usual. Game – v3 Get ♪. For all evolve forms. You can run over the poo when it is in a bag. - Bump. (see above) - Flag. Only for teen up. Be aware for nasty tricks, and keep your hands away from the buttons in Round 3 up. - Heading. (see above) - Memory. Only for adult up. A piece of paper and a pen can come in handy here! - Sprint. Press a button 3 times every second or more. Item. Store the items that you bought from the shop or got from connecting here. Shop. Shop codes here. Press “A” three times in two seconds then enter these codes. ABBAACBA - Cake BCABACBC - Steak CBACCABC - Cuckoo Clock AABBCACB - Racing Car 2 CACABABC - Stuffed Animal ACBBBACC - Hair Gel BCBCCABA - Love Potion a.k.a honey And to restock the shop set the time to 11:59 pm, 2:59 pm or 6:59 pm and wait a minute. Password. Some automatic passwords (work on all tama’s) 3247991490 - Clone 6353283637 – Pen You can get passwords from and the items go into your souvenir list. Souvenir list. 1 Passport - When you enter TamaTown. 2 Key - In the Town Hall, the grey key. 3 Special Key - In the Town Hall, the gold key. 4 Map - In the Town Hall. 5 Text Book - In the school, as a prize for playing Tama Word Search. 6 Computer - In the school, as a prize for playing Tama Typing. 7 Medal - In the school, as a prize for playing Clean Up. 8 Cell phone - From your parents. 9 Bicycle - From your grandparents. 10 Skis - From Switzerland. 11 Palm Tree - From Hawaii. 12 Surfboard - From Australia. 13 Panda - From China. 14 Maracas - From Chile. 15 Ring - From the king. 16 Cape - From the king. 17 Crown - From the king. 18 Skate Board - From the arcade. 19 Balloon - From the arcade. 20 Baseball cap - From the arcade. 21 Stuffed Toy / Bear - From the arcade. 22 Golden Tamagotchi - For getting all the Golden Tama Items which are: Ball: Mall, Lucky Tama Toys; Necklace, Jacket, Bunny Slippers: Mall, Tamagotchi Forever; Paintbrush, Tie: School (tie on teacher!); Basket: Food Court; Windmill: Arcade; Guitar: Mall, The Tama Beat and Hat: Travel Agency; Click on the picture of Chile. 23 Rare CD - From The Tama Beat, for winning What's That Tama Tune? 24 Rare Shoes - From Tamagotchi Forever, for winning Tama Says. 25 Movie poster 1 - From the cinema. 26 Movie poster 2 - From the cinema. 27 Movie poster 3 - From the cinema. 28 Bandai ribbon - From Lucky Tama Toys, for winning Car Racing. 29 Microphone - From The Tama Beat, for participating in Make a Gotchi-Song. 30 Suitcase - From Tamagotchi Forever, for winning Happy Packing. 31 Trophy - From the arcade. 32 ? Special food items in shop and illusion times. To get a cookie set the time and date to 14/10 2:59pm. Noodles- 14/5 2:59pm Turkey or cake- 12/25 2:59 pm Chocolates- 2/14 2:59pm Christmas present- 12/25 10:29pm Dancing snowman- 12/25 1:59pm Dancing tree- 12/25 2:59pm Yogurt- Your birthday 2:59 pm Large parfait- Your birthday-2:59pm Note – The month is first e.g. 12/25 12 is the month and 25 is the day. Connect Icon. Connect with other people here. V3. Connect with another V3 and choose either Game, Present or Visit. Game: Play a game. Present: Give your tama a present, either random, or wrapped (later!). Visit: Play (not a game) with your friends’ tama. Big Hint: If you are playing a game, make sure your tama’s screen shows CONNECT before your friends’. This will ensure that you win the game, and if your friend wants to do a Present and you want to do a Visit (or vice versa), make sure your tama shows CONNECT before your friends. You will get a visit (all other combinations work!). Others. To play a game, make sure you both press B at the same time. NOTE: If your friend has a V2, ensure that they choose V1. To get a present for you, press B before they do, and to give a present to your friend, use the reverse. Discipline Icon. Time Out. Give your tama a Time Out whenever the attention icon (far bottom right) lights up for no reason, or when your tama refuses to eat when it is hungry, or when it comes back from a connection laughing. Praise. Praise your tama whenever it has its back to you for no reason, and whenever it cries. More soon!
  7. Sorry, but no-one ever really appreciates my topics, except perhaps hanatchi99 and emmamc.
  8. The reasons why that topic was closed are in it (click here). My info is not false, it is not plagarised from the tama manuals (whatever they are) and finally, I wish to help the guides out. P.S. If a guide happens to read this, are you a moderator? Because I posted the Book of Knowledge 2 two days ago, and another topic 3 months ago, and neither of them have come out? Is it due to moderator queues?
  9. If this topic goes off-topic again, then I will get a guide.
  10. 3 icons per post! First of all... Meter icon: Hungry and happy. The more hearts the better. To fill up a hungry heart, give your tama a meal, and to fill up a happy heart, give your tama a snack! Look for your tama's favourite food and watch out for your tama's least favourite food. Training. The more blocks the better. Give your tama a time out when it beeps for no reason, or the attention light is on for no reason and when it refuses food or it laughs after you have delivered a naughty present. Give your tama a praise when it cries or when it has it's back to you for no reason. Weight, age and name. The less your tama weighs the better. Don't let it get overweight and fill it until it weighs 99 to win bump. When your tama is 1 minute old, it will evolve into a baby, when it is 1 hour old it will turn into a child, and when it is one tama year old (2 days old makes 1 tama year) it will evolve into a teeanager and when it is 2 or three tama years old it will evolve into an adult and when it is eight years old either the baby you have recieved from the matchmaker will lose it's parent or your adult tama will evolve into a grandparent. The specified name is your tama's name (duh). Gender and gen.. The gender specified is your tama's gender. The more generations the better. You can get specific characters on specific generations. Points. Tells you how many tama points you have. The more points you have, the better because you can buy things from the shop (which will be covered next post). Username. Your username for Food icon: Meal. You can give your tama a selection of foods here, the default foods are Scone, Sushi, Bread and Cereal. Also here are some items that you have bought from the Shop. To fill up a hungry heart, give your tama a meal. This will make you gain 1 weight. Snack. You can give your tama a selection of foods here, the default foods are Cone, Pudding, Tart and Apple. Also here are some items that you have bought from the Shop. To fill up a happy heart, give your tama a snack. This will make you gain 2 weight. Other. Look for your tama's favourite food and watch out for your tama's least favourite food. Toilet icon: Press this and the mess that your tama has created will be cleaned up. Also, when smell lines are near your tama, select toilet icon and your tama will sit on a potty if your tama is a child or a toilet if yours is a teenager or an adult. That is all for the first post. More later.
  11. This is talking about your own personal website, and I am sorry to announce that it is not allowed. This topic will be closed as soon as possible. In the meantime, please look at this topic.
  12. Tamagotchi's Name: Jaki Tamagotchi's Age: 17! Date of Birth: 25/7/06 Date of Passing: 17/8/06 What Generation? 12 ... sob Your Comments: Ooh, you were so cute! If only I had looked at you more often! Bye bye Hanatchi! Wah...