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  1. Why would you ever think to put your Tamagotchi in water? I guess it's a good warning if there are people silly enough to put their Tamagotchis in water...
  2. The person who made this topic was warning people that, what is obviously a common concept, is not true.. Why are you all jumping down peoples throats in here lately
  3. That is a promotional Tamagotchi which has become a collectors item, it is not intended for someone to buy and use.
  4. This is the right forum for anything Susan...it says so on its description... Why are you all being negative? if youve got nothing to say then just dont bother saying anything because more than likely youll hurt someones feelings *removed: flame war material*
  5. you have to wait a little before you start pushing random buttons, i had the same problem.. just wait and it should come up soon enough
  6. its totally normal and happens with v2s too
  7. it is normal for your tama to bathe... its just a random animation like watching tv or brushing teeth or bouncing around
  8. i hardly think a japanese toy wants to offend americans lol it has to be a coincidence
  9. it's deAd and cancer is not as trivial as your tamagotchi dying..
  10. you just need to donate more points and be patient
  11. I like it it gives me a place to rant about all the stuff noone I know wants to listen to..
  12. I say sydney tower because ive never been there and its in my own backyard!!!
  13. maybe its just you lol I do the same though fatten games fatten games fatten games dead battery grrr